How to Keep Your Manicure from Chipping

Image: © Zoja / Fotolia

If you’re a woman that prides herself on good grooming, then you’re bound to know the value of a good manicure. It’s one of the easiest ways to exude that you have your act together, and it helps to make you look polished. But unfortunately, in a lot of cases, your nail polish will start to chip immediately, leaving you looking more tattered than anything. You could cough up a small fortune to consistently get your nails done with a gel manicure by a nail salon, but this is an expensive solution that will burn a hole through your wallet. Instead, take these tips to heart and give your at-home manicure another go.


While drinking water is a good idea for your skin, it’s another story when it comes to your nails. Before you even think about painting your nails, you need to make sure that they are completely dry before applying your base coat. As odd as it sounds, if your nail beds are even remotely wet, then the basecoat and polish won’t properly stick to your nails, which is a big reason as to why the polish will start to immediately chip and peel. Once you’ve actually finished your nails, you also need to avoid water for a little while – including washing dishes (as if you needed an excuse!). The more contact that your nails have with water, the quicker you will see them chip.


And just when you thought you only had to avoid water – think again. Avoiding oil based products is important too. While having lotion on your body is often important to keep it properly hydrated, you need to be careful if you’ve just gotten a manicure. A lot of oils and lotions will actually degrade the polish and cause chipping. If you’re planning to do your nails soon, try to avoid using lotions and creams on your hands, just to be sure to get the longest life out of your manicure.


Have you ever noticed the tiny mixing balls inside of your nail polish bottles? Like the name implies, those are used to mix up the nail polish properly so that the nail polish goes on smoothly. Many people have the tendency to shake their nail polish before applying it – but instead you need to roll the polish around, using the balls to mix it. If you shake the bottle, you’re actually creating air bubbles that will make it harder to get a full and even coat on your nails.


One final tip, that may surprise you – apply a top coat to your nails, when your polish is still wet! While you may be thinking ‘oh I need to wait for this to completely dry first’ that’s actually not true. Your top coat will work best when it is applied to your polish when it’s wet. This actually allows it to really adhere to the polish fully, extending the life of your manicure. By following these tips, you should be able to lengthen the life of your manicure and ensure that you’re looking fabulous for weeks to come!

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