How To Find The Right Salon For Perfect Manicure

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Just like the salon where you make your hair and feel great afterwards, the restaurant that serves your favorite meal just the way you like it, finding the right salon for your manicure is often difficult and just like the ones mentioned above, when you find that perfect salon, you wouldn’t want to change salons for anything.

There are many factors aside price that should be considered before making a particular salon your number one stop shop for all your manicure and pedicure services and for your health, safety and satisfaction, it is advisable to consider them.

  • Are they licensed?

Manicure and pedicure are also kinds of health practice and licenses are needed to prove the salon has at least passed through some form of government health regulatory tests and are verified. It is hard to tell though without asking them, and it could be hard to get an honest answer from most manicure salons looking to gain more customers. So it might be better to look them up on the internet or get to know what other people think about them.


  • How ventilated is the salon?

Given the harsh and sometimes offensive nature of the many smells emitted from nail polish, a well ventilated shop is recommended to at least make the shop convenient for your nose and your lungs, since you would be frequenting the salon after all.


  • Are they friendly and professional?

When you walked right into the salon door, where you welcomed and treated like you were important and you mattered? Since you would be spending a lot of your time with your manicurist and whoever works there, it is important that they are friendly and likeable for your overall comfort.


  • Are they a clean and hygienic setup?

Manicure and pedicure salons are supposed to pay attention to every tiny hygiene detail. If the whole environment is dirty and unkempt, how do you think they can take care of the more important health and safety parts of their jobs as it relates to the customers safety?


  • Glove to Hand

The manicurists and technicians are supposed to wear gloves to help reduce bacterial transfer to the clients and vice versa. This is very important and it shows that Manicure is not just about getting your nails painted by a manicurist.


  • Disinfecting the implements

It is important to know if your manicure salons disinfect their tools after attending to each client to avoid passing any form of viral or bacterial infection from one client to another, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask them how they disinfect their manicuring tools.


  • Single talent

Yes, being multi-talented is a good thing, but a salon that offers manicure and pedicure services should leave it at that. A manicure salon that offers other services aside Mani-Pedi services would find it difficult to focus and give you the attention you need.

These are some of the standards that every good salon need to meet and you should look out for them and more.

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