How to Fake a Facelift with these Makeup tips

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Sneakily some of us might hanker after a face lift, but when you see what can go wrong and how much they can cost, you might want to reconsider what makeup can do to that effect.

Do your eyebrows add on years?

Eyebrows sadly get thin and lighter and when the fashion is for thicker, darker brows, they simply add on the years! Use a powder or an eyebrow pencil to color them back in. The effect is amazing. A spoolie brush will give you the best effect and then touch up any areas with a pencil that are still a bit sparse. Using a brow pencil that contains emollients and waxes will help the eyebrows stay in place all day and nourish your brows at the same time.

Can you do more with your eyelashes?

Eyelashes dry out and lose their curl as we get older, so make sure that you nourish yours nightly with a little petroleum jelly, almond or olive oil.  Go for a lash-lengthening mascara in a dark brown or grey shade. Experts also advise investing in a good quality eyelash curler to put a little of the bounce back in your lashes and help the appearance of the eyelids that are less firm than they used to be.

Do your eyes still sparkle?
A diet rich in vitamins and a hyaluronic supplement will help keep your eyes bright and healthy. Carry a lubricating eye solution and use it a few times a day as older eyes dry out easily, especially when you’re flying or in an air-conditioned environment.

What changes should I make to my eye makeup?

The basic rule is no hard pencils and powders, only liquids or gels. Use liquid or creamy pencils to avoid dragging on your skin. Soften the colors that you’re using and try gray, brown or dark blue liners and shadows in soft neutral shades that shimmer without shining and always apply your eye makeup in an upward motion.

Use a liquid concealer to hide any dark marks and crow’s feet in a shade that tones with your natural color: a pinky beige color for lighter skins and a peachy or more ochre tone if your skin is darker.


Apart from moisturizing, choosing the right shades of face makeup and blushers will make a huge difference. To add youthful warmth, makeup artists recommend using a face makeup with a yellowish base (just an almost unnoticeable tinge!), rather than a pink base. Youthful skin has a glow that the older skin loses, so look for a silicone based liquid makeup that gives a natural glow.

Choose a cream blush that adds a little glow and use it to highlight those cheekbones that older faces show off so well!

Lip service

Unlike our skin, the lips have no oil producing glands and so dry out and need to be regularly moisturised. As they age, lips shrivel and wrinkle allowing unsightly lipstick leaks. You could try a neutral lip pencil to seal the edges or use a stain color with a gloss applied on top. It’s time to ditch those dark plums and reds and go for lighter colors for a more flattering look.

One last tip, do use a magnifying mirror and a very good light and if you wear them, put your glasses on for a final check.

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