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Choosing the right lipstick can be energy sapping. First off, the anxiety is born from the fact that the face is one part of the body that cannot be easily concealed. Cameras bring with them extra dose of anxiety because a bad image can be frozen by a mean paparazzi, and with the power of the internet, there is no limit to how far it can go. To be able to tell which lipstick would work, it is important to know some of the lipsticks and how they function.


Types of lipsticks


  • Moisturizing lipstick

These lipsticks are specially formulated for people with dry lips. Dry lips easily crack open under harsh environment and this can be excruciatingly painful. Moisturizing lipsticks contains lots of ingredients such as Shea butter, vitamin E, glycerin etc.


  • Gloss lipstick

They are popular because they give the lips a wet shiny look. They also give a kind of depth to the lips and can be used along other lipsticks.


  • Matte lipstick

If you are not a fan of shiny lips matte was designed with you in mind. The basic ingredient of matte lipstick is the kaolin which is the reason it stays longer. It gives the lips a texture that is not shiny or greasy. It may however not be a right choice if you are already battling with dry lips.


  • Sheer and satin lipstick

This is another type of moisturizing lipstick. They wear off easily but leave behind a highlight of color and shade that looks nice. They also give the lips a smooth shiny look. Sheer and satin is best worn for brief outings.


  • Long wearing lipstick

These set of lipsticks are believed to outclass the rest when it comes to staying longer on the lips (probably between 8 to 10 hours or more). In reality, the idea is more of a marketing strategy than a verifiable result. No lipstick lasts forever. There are several ways you can make your lipstick to last longer and one of them is to dab the first coat softly with a tissue before applying a second coat or brushing a little foundation on your lips.


Things to consider in choosing a lipstick


Skin tone, intended message, moisturizing power, longevity or staying power, attire and several other factors come to play when it comes to picking the right lipstick. People with light skin tone should go for darker lipsticks to complement their skin tone. Mann, speaking with explains, “The great thing about really fair skin is that bold red and deep colors can be a fun way to play up your make up and can look fantastic…so you don’t look washed out.”


Lipsticks bring glamour if they match in color with your clothes and nail polish––a complete package. The beauty of dark skin tone is that it is much easier to make a bold fashion statement with light odd-colored lipsticks without overtly looking funny.

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