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The tightest corner to place some women is to ask them how good a manicure can get. Some will stare at you with their mouth wide open, others will say they don’t know and the few that may attempt to answer may simply say ‘perfect’. Truth be told, this is not a question one can answer without giving some minutes to thought. Without mincing words, it is a difficult question. However, this question does not have a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.


How good a manicure can get depends on both the person performing the procedure and the person on whose nails the manicure is being done. It takes a great deal of hard work to please a perfectionist and even at that, they still find negligible reasons to muse. In general, however, there are some key features a good manicure should have, and that is just about how good they can get.


1) A good manicure should be able to live up to its money

No one will be happy to come out of the salon only to wake up the next morning to find out that the huge money they spent have for no good reason chipped away. All the glamor it may have had will immediately evaporate as the ‘victim’ begins to mourn the huge loss. Money should be justified and a good manicure should live at least 7 to 14 days before showing any sign of weakness.


2) Texture

Sounds simple but often hard to get right. A good manicure should be smooth when felt, like gliding on a frictionless floor. There are various errors that can mar this and they include;

  • Shaking your nail polish till you have air bubbles in it
  • Applying your polish unevenly such that it becomes bumpy in some areas

A rough manicure can be a letdown especially when someone picks up your fingers to caress. You wouldn’t want that. Will you?


3) Applying just too much polish

The layers of the polish should be as thin as possible. When the layers are made too thick, a number of things happen. Firstly, the natural look will be lost and in its place will be a ghostly appeal. Secondly, the nail polish fails to dry faster making it a perfect resting ground for dust. The best way to apply polish is to, first of all, apply the base coat and allow it to dry. The base coat will seal off oils from coming onto the surface to taint your manicure which will also make them last longer. When the base coat has dried, apply your polish. Allow to dry to and end with the top coat. Remember to always work in thin layers.


There is no law anywhere (not that I know that says a good manicure must be this or that) but first off, you as the consumer needs to be satisfied with what you see and if you are, people around you also most definitely will.


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