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In a simple language, a manicure is the care of fingernails of the hand (while that of the feet is pedicure). Nails are made of a tough protein called keratin. A Manicure can be done at home or in a nail salon. The usefulness of nails spans across a number of activities; scratching, pulling out splinters from fingers, clawing, peeling, picking needles, etc.


Though to say that manicuring is a female sport may not be out of place, it doesn’t underscore the need for everyone to get their fingernails manicured once in a while. Not only are fingernails express route for the disease to enter our body, the reported that eight percent of male voters in a survey they carried out, put brittle nails in a woman as a big turn off. The statistics may be more in a reverse poll. A number of activities can deform the nails and put off your partner.


Nail biting –This is common among children. Some adults engage in this act under anxiety. It leaves the fingernails jagged and short.


Manual laundry – Detergents and other chemicals used in washing can make the nails brittle (making them break easily) or harden the cuticle


Gardening – People that engage in gardening without gloves tend to accumulate sand and microorganisms under their nails––in areas that may not be easily washed off.


Diseases that deform the nails – Distortion of nails may be a mild reason, but there are other serious issues that may accompany your distorted or discoloured nails which you should consider.


Dusky or brittle nail bed – This is one of the late signs of chronic bronchitis — one of the types of lung diseases.


Koilonychia – This is a name for deformed nails. In koilonychia, the nails have elevated ridges, thin, brittle and curves inwardly. This can be an indication of iron deficiency.


Brittle nails – Nails will naturally become brittle with age. Brittle nails crack and chip easily on slight impact.


Yellow nail syndrome – This is also called onycholysis. In this condition, the nail becomes thick and new growth slow drastically. The nails separate from the skin underneath it and the gap soon becomes infected leading to discolouration



Manicure therapy –A good manicure procedure is a sure bet to solve both health and aesthetics problems associated with nails. A frequent manicure can discover abnormalities in the nails before they blow out of proportion.



Brittle nails – Manicure involves a number of processes; clipping of nails, the filing of fingernails, use of creams, massage, nail treatment and application of polish. Brittle nails can be strengthened by clipping them short and applying nail hardeners. The longer nails are, the easier it is for it to crack.


Jagged nails – Filing and pushing back the cuticle can do a lot of wonders here. Filing should be done in one direction.


Yellow nail syndrome and other diseases – Nail treatment and massage can get rid of a number of nail diseases. The organism that is most complicated with nail diseases is the fungi.

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