How can Men do a Manicure at Home?

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Even though people don’t really talk about it and think of it as a taboo, men do get manicures too! Manicures and caring for your nails are just a normal part of good grooming, and should really be praised instead of mocked. There are some men that may be too shy to go out in public and get a manicure, but there are ways you can do an excellent one from home. Here’s how men can do a good manicure at home.


Try to keep your nails short. When you’re starting your manicure, your first step should be to use nail clippers to really trim and cut down on your nails. When you’re clipping, the goal should be to have them clipped straight and neat, and then filed either into a square or a rounded shape, depending on your preference. When you’re filing your nails, you should make sure that you’re filing in one direction only – especially for the top of the nails. Otherwise, you may end up with some painful and dangerous jagged edges.


Once you are done with clipping and the basic shaping of your nails, then come the buffing. You will need a nail buffer in order to do this correctly. You also have the option to either use oil or not use oil – either way is fine, it just depends on your own preference. If you’re not planning to use oil, then all you need to do is take the nail before, and then bring it across your nails horizontally, working your way up and down the nail. You always use the black side of the nail buffer first, and then use the white or colored side next. And if you’re using oil, then just add nail or cuticle oil to your nails before buffing.


Then when you’re done with buffing, you need to remove any nail dust from buffing that is on your hands and fingers. Once you’re done with that, you have the option to apply any products that you want. Some men are okay with this, some are not. If you’d like, you can put on a base coat and top coat of clear nail polish if you’re comfortable with it. It’s not an obvious ‘He’s wearing nail polish’ but has the benefit of giving your nails some protection and shine. Once this is done, it’s best for you to apply lotion to your hands and cuticles to lock in moisture and keep them feeling soft.


If you don’t feel confident in your ability to do a manicure on your hands at home, either enlist someone you know and trust to do it for you, or consider taking the plunge and going to the salon. Salons are professionals and will be able to give you a great manicure, and men getting manicures is not as uncommon as you would think! Regardless of how you chose to do it, getting a manicure should be part of every man’s routine in order to make sure they’re looking their very best.

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