How Black Nail Designs can enhance your Manicure

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The history and practice of manicure are replete with cases of experimentation. Beauty is not just about following conventions. It revolves around creativity and finding unique ways of expression. That is why you need to know how black nail designs enhance the look on your fingers.


Why black color?

Black color is vilified and glorified in equal measure. There are people who think that black stands for darkness, evil, mystery and sadness among other negative connotations. You can’t blame them entirely. Society is full of words such as black market, black magic and so on. So, why should anyone want to have black nail designs as their manicure?


What is positive about black color?

On the other end of the black color connotations’ spectrum, there are positive beliefs. There are people who believe that black color stands for elegance and sexuality. Many more see black as the color that denotes a shift from the norm. To then black denotes independence and the ability to think for oneself.


Women demonstrate this not only by painting their nails black but also by their choices of accessories. It is hard to count the number of black purses, clutch bags, heels, shoes and belts that women don on any one day. In essence, many women love the black color.


How popular is black nail design as manicure?

Recent developments in the fashion and beauty world indicate increasing the popularity of black nail design. Girls, especially, are embracing this art more than older women folk. One would expect that as former grow older they will make this design even more popular.


This popularity is down to the appeal of black color and its positive connotations. As longs as women appreciate black dresses and similar clothing items, they will find time for black nail design. Besides, there are many variations of this art that have come up in recent days. For example, you can have black mixed with other compatible colors on your nails.

Manicure is part of your outlook

Nails communicate; manicured ones have a louder voice. Many women choose black nail designs consciously. Some people think wearing black color on the nails is gothic. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is a form of communication. You are telling others that you are not to be messed up with!


Many that use this nail design find themselves extremely cheeky. They appear to be rebels because most of the other women are wearing more conventional colors. It takes a confident woman to wear black nail designs. To some, this has become a signature look and people have come to identify these women with black nails.


Standing out

Black nail designs can enhance your manicure because they help you to stand out from the crowd. Which woman doesn’t want to be unique? Who wants to be part of the crowd? What fun do you derive from having the same nail design as all the other women in your workplace or neighborhood?

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