How bad is it to sleep with Your Make up on?

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Make up looks great on most women and often transforms them into more beautiful and confident people. However, there is one mistake that many women make. A number of uninformed ladies go to bed without bothering to remove the layers of oil, powder and mascara they had during the day. What are the dangers of doing this?


Make up can make your lashes hard

The reason we apply mascara is to make our lashes longer, healthier and beautiful. That is the same language used by manufacturers to convince us to buy mascara. Unfortunately, sleeping without cleaning your lashes means that mascara will dry on them. This will in turn make the lashes susceptible to breakage.


Your face will age faster

Make up is crucial in making us appear youthful and attractive. Sleeping in the same face that mesmerized people during the day will have an opposite effect. Your face is likely to wrinkle and will be exposed to free radicals. Lack of collagen will result in loose skin, which is one of the main reason you are using makeup.


Your pores will get clogged

When the pores of your skin are clogged, air and blood do not move effectively. The trapped oil is also likely to lead to the development of pimples and acne. The good thing is that your skin uses the time you are asleep to unclog pores. In essence, a face or skin with additional substance will prevent the skin from doing its job.


Bacteria will find fecund breeding ground

Make up is good for your face but it traps a lot of impurities during the day. Smoke, dust, germs and other scum are easily attracted to your face during the day. Moreover, you touch your skin with hands that have handled a lot of filth. If you don’t wash off this stuff before sleeping, you expose your face to bacterial infection.


It dirties your beddings

It is unfortunate that many women maintain a façade of cleanliness with their faces when back home they live in filth. If you go to bed with a face full of oils, powders, mascaras and concomitant dirt, you will make you beddings dirty. Cleanliness is important for a woman, whether on her face or in the bedroom.


Your skin will become dull

It often escapes many women that make up impedes some natural processes for the skin. The skin is the largest organ on the body. It needs to breathe and manufacturer vital minerals and vitamins. The best time to do this is at night and you need to give it that opportunity.


Bad habits begin to crop up

Sleeping with the day’s make up will eventually become a habit. Falling into a pattern of laziness and carelessness is one thing every woman should avoid. Cleaning the face before sleeping is a positive habit that will encourage more good behavior. Never go to bed before washing your face thoroughly but gently.

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