How a Manicure or Pedicure Can Make or Break Your Outfit

Image: © Saksoni / Fotolia

When you’re planning to go to a party, an event, or even a job interview, you need to make sure that you are properly groomed and looking your best. While it’s often overlooked, having a spot-on manicure and pedicure is something that you also need to have in check for these times too!


For some people, getting a manicure and pedicure done regularly is an absolute must, and for others, it’s an after thought. If you have the money to invest in getting them done regularly at a salon – do so – because it is definitely worth it. Not only is it a luxurious and relaxing experience, but having someone else do it with top quality products will maximize the odds that it will come out perfectly. And if you can’t afford to have it done in a salon, doing a manicure or pedicure at home is totally fine.


In the winter having a pedicure may not be as important, but overall having them kept up year round is a great idea. And if you’re in the warmer months when your legs and toes are exposed, you definitely have to be diligent about your pedicures. Nothing looks worse than ungroomed hands and feet.


Say you’re getting ready for a date and you want to wear open toe shoes, but you have a messy pedicure or even worse – it is chipping! Your date will definitely notice it if you wear open toed shoes, which will leave a bad impression. So you’re left with either rushing to get them done, wearing the shoes and letting him see your messy pedicure, or having to change your entire outfit. Definitely not a good way to start preparations for a date.


The same logic applies if you’re getting ready for a job interview. Your appearance is a big thing that’s going to be taken into account, as to whether or not you’re the right fit for the job, and you don’t want to do anything that could harm or jeopardize that. If you were to show up with a bad manicure and pedicure, then your potential boss will probably mark you down and be more skeptical about hiring you.


Think about a good manicure and pedicure as another accessory that you have to care for, like you would a diamond ring or a pair of earrings. If you think about them that way, then it will probably be easier for you to remember to keep yourself groomed and maintained. Even if you slap on a coat of clear polish on your nails at home, as long as you’re trimming them, and keeping them neat, then you’re going to stand out among the rest. You can also go a bit wild and get creative with your nails if you want, but you need to remember the environment you’re in and tailor your manicures and pedicures to that standard in order to avoid problems.


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