Here’s A Quick Way to Restore The Natural Beauty Of Your Lips

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Supple and tender lips is the hallmark of a truly beautiful face, it gives your face a broad and bold definition. If you have ever been in awkward situation where you are talking and the person you are talking just seem so lost while gazing at your lips, then know today that it is because you have great lips and that’s why people just forget their worries while watching you move your beautiful lips. If you do have those beautiful lips, then you shouldn’t just let it waste away, you need to care for it and take care of it. On the other hand, if you don’t have such great lips, then don’t despair as there is something you can still do to make things right.

Your lips need as much tendering as that most delicate part of your body you can remember because the protective layer present there is very thin and there are no sweat glands, this makes the lips dry up quickly and easily and when they aren’t taken care of, they get dry and break, making you look unhealthy. So in order to have healthy and beautiful lips, you need to consider doing the things below…

  • Don’t touch or lick your lips

Licking the lips might feel good and harmless, but in the real sense of it, we are actually causing harm to the lips, because when the saliva evaporates, it leaves your lips dry and those enzymes in your saliva responsible for digesting food attack your innocent lips, so stop it.


  • Clean the lips

Clean your lips in the night just before bed with cotton wool soaked in water and also in the morning when brushing your teeth make sure you run your brush gently across your lips. This takes care of the dirt and bacteria that might have gathered around your lips during the course of the daily activities or at night during sleep.


  • Exercise the lips

There are some forms of lip exercise used to improve the shape and texture of the lips as well as blood circulation, so instead of plastic surgery, consider working on your lips on your own. You can even give your lips the natural pout shape.


  • Massage the lips

Massaging the lips daily with any form of oil would make your lips extremely soft, because it promotes the circulation of blood around your lips. You can do this routinely every night before bed.


  • Mask your lips

When going out, it is a good idea to protect the lips with a moisturizing balm or lipstick to keep it shielded from all the harshness coming from the immediate environment (sun and fumes for example). This keeps the lips protected and also keeps it moisturized and hydrated.


  • Drink a lot of fluids

This keeps the entire body hydrated, the skin and the lips all included


  • No smoking

Smoking dries and blackens your lips, which is one of the many reasons to quit.

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