Have You Ever Explored Reverse French Manicure?

Image: © Dmytro Titov / Fotolia

The French manicure is a well known type of manicuring which utilizes a different outlook that leaves the fingernails looking a lot more natural. With the French Manicure, the nail is polished with light pinkish color and the tip that looks naturally whiter than the rest polished with a white polish to make it a lot whiter and pronounced.

Reverse French manicure on the other hand is as the name suggests, a reverse of the patterns used in the French manicure. The reverse French manicure is more stylish and inventive and in this case the cuticle or end part of the nail is polished with a different color, black or white as the case may be and the other parts of the nail colored light pink or with any other light color.

The reverse French manicure requires two contrasting colors, in order to properly define the two different areas of the nail. If you haven’t tried the reverse French manicure and wish to do so, you would need two different colors of nail polish, polish remover, base coat that would be applied before the polish, masking tape and tweezers. If you have all these, then below are the steps to be followed to make a beautiful reverse French manicure.

  • The old nail polish has to be removed obviously before applying new ones, so soak some cotton buds into polish remover and wipe your nails clean, then wash your hands properly, preferably with warm water to soften the fingers and cuticle and to kill germs too.
  • Apply base coat to the nails, to protect them from the nail polish, which saves the nails from future discoloration, then apply one of the two colors of your choice twice on the whole nails and allow it to dry.
  • When the first polish is fully dry, cut out a little masking tape (the size that would cover a whole nail) and then cut a C shape into it, stick the tape on your nail so that the cut part would align to the part close to your cuticle and then apply the second color on the opened part which would make a half moon shape when you are done.
  • Peel off the mask tape with the tweezers and your reverse French manicure is ready. But to protect it, you would need to apply another coat on top.

A lot of things make the reverse French manicure such a popular demand, and one of them is the fact that it is a style that goes against an already existing style and we know things like that can’t turn out to be such a craze, especially when they have been sported by celebrities and famous people who are known to have ‘style’, not to mention that fashion has become a daring venture, about bold statements and how best to make such statements than with such manicuring styles. Be bold, be beautiful and try out the reverse French manicure.

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