Hairstyling the Natural Way: Non-Damaging Hairstyling Techniques

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Trying to style your hair seems almost impossible to do without damaging your hair in some way. But, it is possible. You can style your hair without all the damaging heat and chemicals that are so common in the hairstyling nowadays.


Lose the Heat

One of the most common and most damaging things for your hair is heat. Instead of blow-drying your hair after a shower, comb it out and let it air dry. If you have more unmanageable hair, put it in a braid to air dry.


Ditch the Chemicals

You don’t actually need all those products to get your hair to be curly or wavy and hold its shape. Take advantage of your hair’s natural ability to hold a hairstyle as it dries. There are actually quite a few ways to get your hair to look like you’ve used a lot of products on it without using any chemicals.


Some Styling Tips

  • Pat wet hair dry with a towel. Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair so be gentle with it.
  • Style hair wet and let it air dry to get the style you’re looking for without damaging heat or chemicals.
  • If your hair is very frizzy when it air dries try a boar bristle brush to tame your mane.


Check out some easy ways to style your hair without chemicals below.


Headband Curls

Put an elastic headband around your head so that it run horizontally across your forehead. Wrap hair around the headband in the sections the size you want your curls to be and make sure they’re secured by the headband. Sleep with your hair like this and carefully remove the headband in the morning for a loose curly look.


Pin Curls

Pin curls are a great way to get a nice tight curled hairstyle without using any heat or styling products. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your fingers so that it forms a flat coil. Pin this to your head until all of your hair is pinned up. Sleep on it and take the pins out in the morning for a super curly style. If you want looser curls, gently comb through your hair with your hands.


Beach Waves

Beauty waves can be achieved by splitting the damp hair into two separate sections and twisting each until it kinks up. Pin these either to the top of your head or in two mini buns at the back of the head and let it air dry. Simply unpin the sections and carefully unkink you hair.


Straighten the Hair by Wrapping It

Wrapping hair around your head is a great way to get it straighter than air drying. This is a great option for use on natural hair as a way to skip out on the damaging heat and chemicals. There are a number of tutorials available that show you exactly how to wrap your hair to achieve a straight look.



There is a wide variety of braided hairstyles that are a great option for hair which tends to be a little more unruly when left down. From fishtail braids to a standard French braid there’s bound to be a braided look that you love and can achieve all on your own.

Whatever hairstyle you’re looking for there is a way to achieve it without the heat and chemicals that that can really damage your hair.

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