Hairstyles to Fit Your Zodiac Sign

Image: © matusciac / Fotolia

Whether you’re looking for something new or you’ve been rocking the same hairstyle for a while, you can benefit from knowing what kind of style your hair would look best in according to your astrological sign. Check out your sign below to see what style would look best on you.



Aries’ have some crazy hair. It tends to be big and unruly. Sometimes they dive into a hairstyle that they haven’t really thought much about. Bold choices are what Aries is all about, whether it’s style or color they know how to bring the drama.



Taurus’ don’t like to spend much time on their hair. A simple look is best for this sign as they would rather go out with hair undone than mess with something too complicated. Try more traditional colors and cuts to keep your hair happy.



Geminis are all about the newest trends. Whatever style their favorite actress is wearing or whatever the latest hairstyle trend is they want it. They will also do anything they need to maintain their new style.



Cancers look their best with very feminine hairstyles. They also love hairstyles that are easy to manage. Try long, straight or wavy styles if you’re a Cancer and if you’re looking to make a change, make it drastic.



Much like the lions they are, Leo ladies have serious manes. They have a lot of hair and it’s hard to tame. Don’t make any drastic changes, your hair will thank you. Signature looks work best for Leos, not whatever is trending.



Virgos love sleek and tidy styles. Anything that puts every hair in its proper place is the right style for these perfectionists. Try sophisticated and elegant styles to stay in harmony with your hair Virgos.



Libras have very versatile hair. They can change their hair to match their style so a really flexible base style is best for hip ladies like you.



Scorpios exude charms. Whether they’ve just climbed out of bed or spent hours in the mirror they’re ready to impress. Rich colors look best on these sexy ladies. Either long feminine looks or short boyish styles look best on Scorpios.



The name of the game for Sagittarians is easy to manage hairstyles. Girly and bubbly hairstyles are the best on these fun loving gals. They’re not much for work so Sagittarians need something easy to style, but don’t be afraid to change it up.



These perfectionists look best with clean cuts and modern looks and always look their best. They like styles that easily transition from day to night so the practical style is a must. Embrace the change. If your hair has been long for a while, chop it off. If it’s short, grow it out.



Like Geminis, Aquarius’ love to follow the trends. If you’re an Aquarius go for that crazy nonconformist hairstyle you’ve been dying to try or that color you’ve been eyeing. Nothing is too crazy for an Aquarius.



Pisces are very hip to trends but they also care about fitting in, so they won’t try something too bold out there. This super feminine sign loves long styles that are effortless to pull off. Don’t let friends or family pressure you into a style you’re not sure of, it will only end badly.

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