Hairstyles that Look Great with Hair Extensions

Image: © Victoria Andreas / Fotolia

If you have short or medium length hair, but there are hairstyles you crave that require longer hair, then hair extensions may be the answer. Getting hair extensions is a relatively easy, quick and affordable process, but you can’t skimp on the quality of hair extensions. And if you already have hair extensions, you’re probably wondering what hairstyles will look good on you. Here are some that you should definitely try.

Adding a hair bow is a simple way to create a cute and polished look, but you really need to be less than 30/35 years old in order to pull it off. Finding a hair bow you like – in terms of size, color and fabric – is important before trying out this look. Once you’ve found a bow you like, then you’ve got a few hairstyle options. You can either wear it with your hair down, and use it to pin back your bangs or sit on your hair’s part, or you can create an updo look – a bun or a ponytail are nice choices – and place the hair bow on the top of your head.

Do you want an ethereal and whimsical look for your hair? If you are non-traditional and want an artistic style, then adding flowers to your hair extensions as a hairstyle is a good choice. There are so many options. Do you want real or fake flowers? What type of flowers? What colors do you like? If you want to go for a really artistic style, you can let you hair hang wavy and loose, and then put on a flower crown. Or if you want to have a classic updo, you can add a flower piece to it for added flair.

If you want to be able to manipulate the texture of your hair with hair extensions, then you’re going to need human hair extensions. If you have those, one hairstyle you can opt for if you want simple and chic is simply adding wavy texture and letting it hand loose. This is very popular right now, because it implies that you don’t take your look ‘too seriously’ while still remaining beautiful and polished. One word of advice – be careful when using too much heat or product to hair extensions for your hairstyle, as this can damage the extensions over time.

Are you getting ready for a night out on the town or a formal gathering? Then an updo is a good choice. Because your hair extensions give you length, you have more to work with in terms of updo options. If you want something that is very plain safe, then a chignon, polished bun or a low twist are all options that with some bobby pins and hairspray can give the right impression. This look transcends hair type and age in many cases, so it’s a simple go to for many women.

For those that want to strike a balance between polished and creative, putting your hair in a pretty braid is a good choice. It takes a little time and patience in order to get that ‘perfect’ braid you want, but the look is absolutely stunning. The longer your hair, the better the braid in a lot of cases, so having hair extensions makes a braid an excellent hairstyle choice.

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