Hairstyle hacks – Best Friend of Today’s Girl

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If you always have perfect hair, don’t read on. But if there are days when you wake up late, times when you‘ve got to make your roots last until the end of the month or there are simply days when your hair and your hairstyle aren’t friends, then read on!


Some hairstyles mercilessly reveal roots that are growing out. You can color them or hide them, but not just leave them. If you want to color them, one option is to invest in a color touch up powder. They are rainproof, sweat proof and pillow proof! If you can’t find exactly the right color, try mixing two together.

If you prefer something other than powder, you can find a whole range of products available. Hair markers that use hair color, and coloring shampoos will last you through a few shampoos but eventually, wash out. Hair sticks and mascara can be used for small areas and can be applied with more precision. Some hair mousses combine color with texturizing and can be a great short term answer that solves both roots and hairstyle crisis. At all costs avoid a straight defined parting. Try a zig- zag parting or none at all.

If you want to hide your roots, try a pretty bandau to pull the hair off your face if there are no roots on show at the front. Otherwise, experiment with a trendy fishtail plait to the side and you will get a great hairstyle.  Head scarves can be worn in a variety of ways and the right long, silky scarf can create a great look.

Flat hair

Think about the most famous hairstyle of the sixties, and more recently beloved by Amy Winehouse; the Beehive. Take a lesson from your sixties sisters and start back combing! Stand in front of the mirror and with the tail of a comb, lift up a section at the back of the top of your head. Hold it in one hand, and with the other, pull forward a little the layer in front that is going to smoothly lie on top of the back-combed hair. Use a fine toothed comb on the rest of the hair you’re holding and rub it up downwards until your hair is puffy. Comb the hair you’ve reserved over it and pat it down if you’ve done too good of a job. A great solution if you end up going out straight from work.

If you’re at home and have got a little time, tip your hair upside down and blow-dry into the roots. Rub a little fixing gel or squirt a little spray into the roots and flick your hair backwards. If your hair is short, just skip the flicking back part.



Fly-away hair


You don’t have to go down the harsh route of a Geisha who traditionally preserved her elaborate hairstyle by sleeping on a wooden block instead of a pillow, but you could save up and buy silk or satin pillow cases – just enough for you. They are so much better for any hairstyle than dehydrating cotton and electrifying synthetic mixes.

Walking out of the door?  Rub a few drops of olive or almond oil in your palms and lightly stroke your hair first from underneath and when there’s no oil apparently left, just slide your hands over your hair. By the time you get where you’re going, your hair will have absorbed the oil and be behaving itself.

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