Great Hairstyles That’ll Keep You Looking Spot-On Gorgeous Even if Your Hair Falls Off

Image: © Anna Khomulo / Fotolia

We all lose hair, every day. And we lose a lot of it. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dropping 40, 50, or 100 hairs every 24 hours. Some people’s bodies even toss 150 hairs within that period of time.

No need to freak out. Often, it’s just a gene-thing. The scary part comes when you try to manage what’s left of your hair, arranging it into a killer hairstyle. How do you get an A+ look when your hair decides to play hooky?

If you find yourself staring at your reflection, wondering what in the world to do about your head, just follow these 8 steps. Before you can say, “No, I’m not a movie star”, your grumpy follicles will be grinning from ear to ear. Not because you have more hair, but because you look like you do and you look smashing while you do it.


  • Remember one thing: hair loss is like life. It happens. Don’t sweat it. Then you can move on to the important stuff such as what to do to keep looking incredible.
  • Time for a trim? Get yourself LAYERED! Let your hair grow straight, and you’ll end up with heavy hair.

Thin hair, growing straight = your hairstyle out the window before you can say straight’n’stringy. 

Thin haircut in layers = a hairstyle you can bounce with.

 You will look like you grew half a head of hair back again.

  • Be dainty with your do. That doesn’t mean walking around with your pinky held up. Just avoid shampoos that dry your hair. You’ll need to start reading labels. Ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are two things you don’t want in your hair, or your shampoo.
  • Consider lightening your hair color, if it’s dark. The darker the hair, the more obvious the skin behind it, no matter what the hairstyle is. This causes your hair to appear even thinner. If your hair is a couple shades lighter, you look as if you have more of it.
  • Pick up on curls & texture. If you have natural curly hair, keep it. Why? Because straight hair can appear almost stringy. Even consider buying some soft curlers. Get some of the hair around your crown layered and wrap the hair around curlers. Then, watch a new hairstyle blossom.
  • Comb your hair against its will, parting it in a spot it doesn’t want to part.
  • Comb some mousse into your hair while it’s wet. If you’re sure to comb the mousse halfway down your hair, it works best. Between the mousse and the against-the-will part, the hair poofs up to an amazing degree.
  • Buy some dry texturizing spray. A small amount at a time, lift some hair of your hairstyle-to-be. Spray all around. Now, backcomb each bit – not too much! – with a fine-tooth comb, then lift and arrange your hair, combing it into the hairstyle you want.

There they are! Easy, quick thin hair tricks that make your hairstyle better than ever!

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