Give Yourself A Secret Manicure In The Office, It Only Takes 10 Minutes.

Image: © von Lieres / Fotolia

It is bound to happen someday sometime, isn’t it? You being too busy during the weekend and never having the time to go do your nails in preparation for the new week, not to worry, with the right know-how, you can give your nails as good treat as your manicurist would and quickly too.

Self-manicuring saves money, obviously and with less stress and drama of not having to wait your turn to be attended to. Here you are first in line and you get all the preferential treatments and with the right tools you can leave people thinking your nail job was the work of a professional. Well, not to exaggerate, though, with the right equipments and if done right, you can take the credit for making your nails look extremely beautiful.

You would need a few extra things that might not be found in your handbag and those would be files for your fingernails and nail cutters, cuticle oil, nail polish, polish remover and cotton balls. If you have everything listed and checked out, then let’s get started…

– Before treating your nails to some fresh colors, the old ones need to go, so you need to start by dipping your cotton ball into nail polish remover and then rub on your painted nails in a cleaning motion. Continue until the old polish and nail paintings are gone.

– Wash your hands properly and thoroughly. Although warm water would have been preferred since it helps kill germs in your fingers, but since you are in the office, the cold water might just have to suffice.

– Depending on how long your nails are and how long you would want them to be, you can cut them with your nail cutter or just shape and trim them. When shaping, be gentle so as not to break the nails, place your file at the side/corner of each nail and file, motioning upwards.

– Apply cuticle oil (could be one of the natural kinds of oil like almond or olive) on your cuticle, allow your nails to absorb them for a few quick seconds and then start pushing back the cuticles gently with a stick. Start from the first nail you applied the oils to the last.

– Apply base coating on your nails before commencing with painting to save your nails from discoloring in the future. Continuous and consistent direct application of nail polish on the fingernails causes nail discoloration over time.

– Now when you are done with your cuticles and base coating, you can then start painting. You would need to be gentle so as to avoid making a mess of your hands and nails. For thicker and more lasting painting, apply extra polish immediately after the first round must have dried out. When you are through with all the nails, allow the nails to dry properly before doing anything with your hands, to avoid smudging. If all is dry, then all is set and you are good to go.

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