Getting Smart with Manicure

Image: © mariesacha / Fotolia

A lady’s manicure often speaks for her in so many ways she might not be able to speak for herself. It is such an important piece in the overall make up the art of the current age, obviously the reason it raises so much dust and is such a big deal. It is not only how neat and well kept your nails are now; it is also how artistically you can be with it. It is more about the aesthetics now than anything else when getting your nails done.

Recently, ladies tend to always polish their nails to match their outfit for the day, or the color of their hair and even footwear. This shows that manicure can be an important way to tune up your wardrobe and get more pleasing and admirable.

There are so many ways to get smart and creative with your manicure, and it can either be done with DIY methods or seeking the services of professional technicians.

  • Nail stickers

Nail stickers already proven as the fastest and most efficient way of beautifying your nails within minutes, all you need to do is stick them to your nails and use a top coat to make them stay long. You could come up with absolutely any kind of design and color imaginable, from crazy and loud to classy and elegant, the colors and designs available in nail stickers are just limitless and it saves you the time of painting your nails and waiting forever for them to fully dry up. Nail stickers are the smartest way to go when you are accosted by impromptu events and occasions.


  • Fake nails

The name might be a little harsh given the beautiful and elegant nail shapes and sizes that could be rolled out here, but I guess they are always going to be called fake no matter how natural and beautiful they might look. Fake nails also come in designs similar to nail stickers, with an array of colors and designs; they are not so different from nail stickers. Actually they are nail stickers themselves since they are meant to be stuck to the natural nails in a bid to replace the natural and unfashionable looks of the natural nails. The use of fake nails is also a fast means of beautifying the nails, since all you have to do is stick them to your nails with glue and file them up till they align with your natural nails.


  • Natural nails

Beautifying the natural nails takes more time than the other means but those other means don’t match the class and elegance of natural nails that are well groomed and designed for the highest occasions. Although the natural nails take a little more time to get done than the artificial means, there are still some designs on natural nails whose quickness would rival those of artificial nails and nails stickers. An example of such design is the French manicure which is known for its beauty in simplicity.

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