Get your nails into shape – Try these shapes while doing a manicure

Image: © branchecarica / Fotolia

Are you getting ready to get a manicure?

Manicures are a fun and easy way to really express yourself and try new things. While many people think that they can express themselves through their manicure’s colors and designs, many people often overlook the importance of the manicure shape. Shaping your nails is something any nail salon technician can do, and it can dramatically alter the look of your manicure. Here are some of the most popular manicure nail shapes currently out there.

One of the most iconic manicure shapes is the square. The point of this shape is to create a perfect square, with no soft nail edges. If you have longer nails this can actually cause them to look a bit stubby with this shape, but if you are someone that has short nails and can never seem to make a good round shape with your manicures, then using the square shape is a good option for you. Alternatively, you can also opt for what’s called the ‘Squoval’ or ‘Soft Square’ shape with your next manicure. Similar to the square manicure, the oval shape is similar, but the edges on the look are a whole lot softer. If you have shorter nails, or you can’t quite get fully behind the square shape, then this is an alternative that works well with manicures.

If square isn’t the right shape for you, then don’t fear; think about trying the round shape for your manicure instead. Rounded nails are extremely popular right now, because they’re very clean and polished looking. If you’re the type of person that considers your hands to be chubby or even short, then a lot of manicurists will actually recommend this manicure nail shape to you. Having those rounded tips will help elongate the look of your fingers, as well as make your hands look more trim and slender overall.

Are you the type of person that likes to emulate celebrity’s style choices? If so, then you should seriously consider the almond shape for your next manicure. This shape and the oval shape are among the top picks for celebrities. With this manicure nail shape, the nail is very slim on the sides, and a bit wider on the base, which actually forms a peak that some say looks like an almond when done correctly. The oval is very similar to the almond shape. The biggest difference you’re going to see is that the tip is softer, and it looks best when it’s being done on longer nails.

Lastly, think about trying the stiletto shape. The stiletto shape in some ways is similar to the almond shape. The biggest difference between the two is that the stiletto shape requires a much sharper nail point. So sharp in fact, that it can’t be done on natural nails because they won’t hold the shape correctly and will break right away.


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