Get your fall face ‘Makeup’ ready

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The best makeup your face can wear is your own skin. Having said that, looking natural is the latest fad this season. But, winter can make your skin flaky, blotchy, withered, sluggish and listless. It is rightly said ‘Looking natural is great but it takes makeup to look natural’.

Foundation forms the base of making up your face and could be the trickiest step to follow given the weather conditions. Take a glimpse at these basic tips to get that even skin tone and texture and get yourself makeup ready.

  • Winter calls for a dull, lackluster facial skin tone. Choosing the right foundation will instantly illuminate and flare up your face. Pick up a foundation that is a shade lighter than the one you usually apply during other seasons. This will glisten up and add spark to your gloomy winter face.


  • This fall, opt for a liquid foundation or a cream foundation (BB creams) over the pressed powders and mineral powders. Winter makes our face look droughty and sapped. You do not want the powders to add to that flaky look. A liquid or cream foundation can give your skin a hydrated and dewy look.


  • Make your face foundation friendly by using gentle exfoliating scrubs and creams, for dry skin, to cleanse, and moist your skin. Exfoliation will help to get rid of dry and rough skin to aid in the smooth application of your foundation and prevent it from looking cakey, peeling and sketchy.


  • You face is your canvas and makeup is your art, so get it ready by smoothing over a gel, creamy finish and water-based primer all over our face. This will even out your scaly skin, fill in the pores and make it easier to apply the foundation uniformly without drying it out.


  • Moisturize your face before the application of foundation to flake off your skin and avoid it looking pasty. You can also try mixing the moisturizing cream with your foundation and then applying it evenly over your face to give it that lustrous look.


  • Use facial sprays to set your makeup during the winter season. Spurt your face with a facial spray or a mist for an even application of your foundation and spray it again for setting it.


  • Glide your foundation over your face with a wet sponge to abstain it from getting dry and peel, at the time of the application. Another choice would be to dip a wet sponge in some face oil and swab it all over your face and then go ahead with applying your foundation and makeup, to give your face a polished look.


  • Applying a concealer over your foundation will give you a flawless and crease-free face.


  • Use cream based blushes and other makeup stuff to avoid your foundation to wafer or husk off and give you a chalky face.

Give your makeup routine a simple twist with these easy to follow tips to get your fall face ready for any occasion.

‘This fall, be a glam doll’.

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