Get Rid of these 5 Manicure Problems Once and For All

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Getting a perfect manicure is just so complicated sometimes, you need to this bit exactly like this and that bit exactly like that for things to work out for your nails. Not to worry though because some of those really annoying manicure predicaments you are facing have ways to get rid of them and you just don’t know them yet.

  • Nail discoloration

Nail discoloration can really be a pain in the neck sometimes, especially when you don’t really know what it is that is causing your nails to change from its original healthy looking color. Nail discoloration is caused by quite many things like the nicotine from cigarette for those that smoke, fungal infection that might come from cutting your cuticle and leaving it susceptible to infection and there is also the constant use of polish without applying base color. There are ways to get your nails to bounce back from the dead and look healthy again.

  • Use lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a natural treatment for discolored nails and all you have to do is either soak your fingers into lemon water extract or dip a cotton ball into the extract and clean your fingers with it. Remember, this doesn’t just fix it overnight, so it has to be done for weeks.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is also used since it has some whitening components in it, and it should be mixed with water and used in cleaning the nails just as with lemon juice.
  • Buffing is also another good means of getting rid of nail discoloration, but be gentle so as not to weaken the nails.
  • Always apply base coat before the nail polish proper. This protects your nails from the effects of the harsh chemicals present in nail polish.


  • Polish not lasting

You might wonder why your beautiful nail polish and designs wont just stay put long enough; well it is because you aren’t doing something right. For your polish to last and still remain beautiful base coat and top coat shouldn’t be overlooked. Applying both when you are supposed to would leave the nails lasting quite long enough for you to think what you want to do with them next.


  • Nail breaking

Nail breaking most times is linked with harsh and improper filing of the nails as well as nail dryness. When filing your nails, don’t motion up and down with the file on your nail, if you start by motioning up, finish that way, and moisturize your nails every once in a while.


  • Polish Smudging

A whole lot of things cause the nail polish to smudge, but the nails wouldn’t smudge if they dry out properly. To aid quick dryness, run water gently on the nails after polishing.


  • Dry skin around the nails

Dry skin around the nail is caused by dead skin and to get rid of the dead skin; exfoliation is the proper way to do it, by mixing sugar with warm olive oil and massaging into the nails.

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