Follow these steps to do your own naked manicure

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I don’t visit manicure salons often, except the rare cases in which I must attend a more festive event and wish a more stylish appearance of my nails for the occasion. However, I don’t neglect offering my nails a “treat”, giving myself a two-minute mini manicure whenever I get the chance. I advise you to do the same every day, in order to improve the healthy look and clean appearance of your nails.

Check out the following tips and remember to apply them:

  1. The long polished nails do indeed look fantastic. However, on the other hand, the bare long nails can easily break or grime, especially when you’re dealing with cleaning substances used in the house-keeping activities, in which case you should wear gloves for protection.

Shaping nailsshort, round bare nails. I think bare nails look nicer when they are short.

  • For a gentle shape, I advise you to invest some money in a special crystal file, as this particular type of file possesses the quality of being less abrasive, in comparison to the typical emery boards. This tool will reduce the peeling, and also your nails will be less likely to chip.
  • You must work in short strokes, maintaining the same direction.
  • To avoid shredding the nail plate, and just make less crisp edges, forget about filing violin-style.


  1. Quenching cuticles – cuticles are like a seal, having the role to prevent harmful toxins, bacteria etc. from getting below the nail bed.
  • In order to avoid the rigid aspect of your cuticles, you could simply use a conditioner to treat them.
  • Let the conditioner soak in for 1-2 minutes.
  • Scrub with a soft bristle nail brush. The natural ones are more suitable when it comes to manicure.
  • If you don’t have a bristle nail brush, then you may use a clean toothbrush.
  • If snags persist, snip several times utilizing a cuticle nipper.
  • Then, you can apply oil for cuticles or hand cream (based on natural ingredients).


  1. Whitening nails – too much polish can make the nails look stained. To reduce the stains, use whitening toothpaste. Check the ingredients to see if it contains silica.
  • To get rid of the yellow areas, gently massage the nail bed for almost 1 minute.


  1. Moisturizing – pick a hand cream which you’re not allergic to. Let it absorb in the skin.

Now, your manicure is done (or almost done)! If you’re not happy without polishing your nails, but still want them to preserve a natural appearance, you could use various colorless nail polishes. I personally enjoy the non-glossy top coats.


Tip: look for top coats which contain sources of nourishment for your nail bed, such as Vitamin E or Biotin.

Lastly, I would like to reveal you some of my secrets. When it comes to using a scrub, I usually go for a homemade one, prepared from grounded coffee. The skin remains softer, clean and has a healthy glow. Also, when my nails begin to chip or peel, I massage olive oil and let it absorb for a while.

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