Fight Cystic acne – ‘Cover up with Makeup’

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You have an important event coming up and unfortunately you have a nasty visitor. Oh no! Not at your doorstep, but at your face. Yes, that ugly, stubborn acne pooping out like a bump in your way. What will you do now?

Did I hear Photoshop? It is an option but it will cover you up only in pictures. What about facing real people? Some things are not in your control but for the rest there is ‘Makeup’. It’s time to get your makeup palette ready and turn into a makeup artist.

Cystic acne is the most aggressive form of acne. Cystic acne breakouts are much larger, painful and red than a zit or a pimple. ‘Makeup’, the right way, can make it possible to conceal the worst of acne. Read along for some helpful makeup tips to get that ready-to-go, gorgeous looking skin in minutes.

  • Wide choices of makeup products are available in the market, today, that are specially formulated to combat stubborn acne. Hunt for acne fighting, long wear, natural looking foundations and concealers. They will not only camouflage but also aid in healing cystic acne to some extent.


  • Look for full or medium coverage foundations as they have a good consistency to provide maximum cover up for aggressive cystic acne lesions.


  • Fetch for makeup products as per your skin type. Both oily and dry skin is equally prone to cystic acne. There are ample options at hand; right from primers, foundations, concealers to bb creams that are characteristically made for oily, dry, flaky and acne prone skin. This will avoid further breakouts and worsening of the existing ones.


  • Choose a liquid based foundation and cream based concealer for dry skin to avoid your makeup from cracking up or getting crusty. Choose a powder based foundation for oily skin.


  • Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone or otherwise it may make the inflammation, quite prominent.


  • If you have super sensitive skin and it is prone to allergies, eczema and cystic acne; you can also pick organic, mineral and green based makeup products. They are made from natural herbs, minerals and such organics that will not only conceal but also reduce the inflammation and counteract redness, thereby, soothing and healing your skin.


  • Layer up your face with Makeup. Start with a primer, followed by dabbing a full coverage foundation (liquid or powder) and sealing it up with a medium or full coverage concealer. Multilayer makeup will provide perfect masking making your skin look flawless.


  • Do not rub or brush the foundation onto your skin. This will worsen your acne further. Rather moisturize your skin well and then dab or blot some liquid/powder foundation onto your skin for smooth application and flawless coverage.

Make some heads turn with these easy to follow guidelines to camouflage those rigid, tough, cystic legions. Fight acne with wonder Makeup to tote yourself with confidence and poise.

Let people spot you, not your spots….


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