Fall Comes With Its Own Manicure Fever

Image: © Zoja / Fotolia

It has become almost like a custom for some women to wear a different manicure for a different season. Summer is usually the time to flaunt those bright colors and for fall, the dark colors take over. The trend has blossomed over the years from being the personal practice of few individuals to a norm; the way dress code has been carved out for parties, offices and diner differs. Putting on something different may catch the attention of the others to your pretty nails.


After summer comes fall. During the former, the weather is hot and the skin is prone to produce more oil. We all know the tale of oil and polish, how oil gets the nail polish messy, right? During summer, women often opt for gel nail polish manicures and others that don’t easily come off. The case is different in the fall; the weather is cool and the oils would stay in. Some women seize the opportunity to wear manicure that would easily come off and does not require them to visit the salon to get that done. This particularly excites those that chip their manicure easily.


Though many have not given it a thought, besides the many reasons people give to justify their dark nail polish during fall, there is a scientific reason that sounds just right. If you did sciences in school, somewhere along the line, they must have told you that white reflects all colors in the sun’s rays which is the reason why interiors of white painted surfaces maintain their coolness. Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb the sun’s rays which make their interior warm. So, finishing a manicure with a dark nail polish is not out of place. The dark colors will help you keep your nails warm through the cold.


Dark nail polish is not hard to wear. By this, I mean that unlike the light colors, it easily blends in with all skin colors. Dark colored manicure is the kind of thing you will like to do when you just want your fingers to look nice without suggesting anything to anyone. Dark nail polish just fits into the mood of the autumn; when people are kind of locked in themselves and not as excited as in the summer season.


Who says you cannot break the old habits just like that? Tradition may be in favor of the dark colored nail polish manicure but at the end the bottom line is for you to feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you opt for the bright colors or go for the dark ones, what is most important is that you are comfortable with it. Using the wrong nail polish for manicure finishing can bring down your self-esteem. You wouldn’t want a situation where you are nervous about what people will say and that gets in the way of your interaction with other people.


When the fall fever comes, this time around, break the tradition of the dark manicure. Wear something different, something that will leap off your fingers and put some life into the moody arena and you will be glad you did.

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