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Makeup has come to be such a part of the dressing of some women that they change their makeup just as they change clothes. As the practice of wearing makeup grew, so did different beliefs and do’s and don’ts began to spring up. Makeup has seen so many ‘teachers’ either for or against the use of makeup that some women have begun to ask if the use of face makeup is right for their skin.


The truth is that cosmetics can be right or wrong for your skin depending on the content. Some people react to certain chemicals and not necessarily the entire makeup. But out of ignorance, the ‘teachers’ who must have had a nasty experience using a makeup product tend to generalize the idea by saying that all makeup items are bad for the skin. This and others are some of the makeup myths this article is aiming to burst. Below are some myths you may have heard of your makeup and the truth.


1) Makeup is harmful to your skin

Is makeup really harmful to your skin? I don’t think so. Your skin may just be responding to one of the active ingredients. How will you be able to tell? Get all the makeup your skin reacts to and look at their contents. Find what is common among them and make it a suspect, then try to avoid makeup products with such contents. Your dermatologist should be able to help you unravel this easily.


2) You must use a foundation brush

Is this really a must? So do some people believe and propagate. Well, some people will not want to be touched by just anyone and with so many communicable diseases flying around, it is understandable. Experts say the use of fingers is just as important for a number of reasons. The fingers warm the makeup, letting it blend easily into the skin. And with the use of fingers, it will be easy to tell when the makeup begins to drag.


3) The base must be even or nothing

Now, that is bizarre. If you are meticulous with this, your face would appear like you are putting on a mask. The better way to do this is to start off with the tip of your nose (which should have the most thickness) and let it fade as you work inwards. By this, your hairline should have the least thickness. This helps you to look more natural without making your makeup procedure less of a makeup.


4) Primer is a must

Do I hear that clearly? Yes, primers may help the foundation go on smoothly and fast and eye shadow primers have been shown to make shadows blend in much easier but the truth is this, if you don’t find them delivering to you an imperfect look, you can as well skip them all together. Hell will not break loose. It is that dispensable.


5) Make concealers pale

This is over bloated. Your concealers can be any shade you like. Just make it natural, that is the only allowed rule.

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