Face Care And Beauty Transformation In 8 Minutes For Your First Date

Image: © Dash / Fotolia

Ever been in that dreadful situation where you are thrown into panic because of that impromptu date you just can’t turn down? And it gets worse when you don’t think your face is nice enough to leave the house not to talk of going out on a date. If have been in this situation, the tips given below would make sure you beat that situation the next time around but if you have never been in such situation, best to equip yourself with the necessary know how.

Since there isn’t much time on your hands and you would need to do everything in a hurry, everything should be kept simple and designs and luxurious stuff kept at the very minimal. Below are the tips to get you equipped, in case you ever find yourself in the situation we are talking about.

  • Freshen up your face

A splash of water on the face would go a long way in waking up your face and making you feel alive and active. It would also help get rid of the oil on your face and get it ready for a quick make up.


  • Lotion up your face and body

Moisturize your face and body with lotion. You wouldn’t want to leave your face and skin looking dry and withered, so lotion up and look fresh and alive.


  • Dampen and blow the hair

Get your hair wet, dry out with towel and then blow it out with a hand hair dryer. This would give your hair some sort of new and fresh look as well as that ‘out of the salon’ kind of look, which bodes well for your entire face. Then comb or pack into the style you want.


  • Make Up the Face

It’s an emergency make over, so there wouldn’t be much time to start applying everything that the face requires, so a concealer would be ideal in this situation to help hide blemishes and get your face ready for some quick make up. Then apply light powder on your face. A little brown powder would do the trick, and then blush up the cheeks with a more natural cream blush.


  • Curl your lashes

Curling the eye lashes would make your eyes appear bright and big. This would help highlight your eyes and make it the stand out feature in your quick make up scheme.


  • Your Lips

Wipe your lips of old lipstick with cotton wool dabbed in water, and then again with a wet towel to leave the lips looking full and wet, ready for some lipstick. Then apply some of your favorite lipstick, but make it light, it would suit the whole emergency setup better, rather than a heavy lipstick which might leave you looking over dressed.

So far so good, and if you have come this far, that means you are all set for your date, but not before spraying some of your good perfumes to give you the freshness your appearance suggests.

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