Easy Ways to Nail Art

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Nail art represents a gorgeous way to add style to your look. The main advantage for nail art is the fact that it can complement an outfit for a special event. However, doing nail art seems difficult, at least at the start and some of the detailed nail art is best left to the professionals. There are a few tips and tricks that can be used by anybody and the results can be quite impressive. Furthermore, there are a lot of designs that can be used, such as duo-tones, dots and glitter that are simple methods that create a nice effect. Take a look at the below recommended ways to get the perfect nail art, as the below suggestions are the ones that professionals may have to tell you.

Clean and shape your nails

Make sure that you properly prepare your nails. First, you will need to remove the old polish that is still lingering on the nails. The next step would be to trim and file your nails. This step will help your nails to get a nice shape and make sure that you are not trimming your nails too short as you need to have some space for the nail art.

Prepare the basecoat

After cleaning and shaping the nails you will need to apply a basecoat, which is usually clear and it is sold in the same places where you can get the nail polish. The main reason why we are using basecoat is to protect the nails from getting stained by the nail polish, as it can seriously damage your nails.

Scotch tape might be your best friend

You do not need to have the steadiest hand in the world nor to be a tattoo artist, in order to create perfect stripes or zig-zags. The best technique, which is also used by professionals, is to let the scotch tape guide you. Furthermore, you can be creative and use different colors for the stripes.

Cotton Strings

You can also use cotton strings to have a different and unique nail art. You just need to paint the basecoat and let it dry, then add the clear coat and put the cotton string in place onto your nail. The shape of the cotton string will need to be one of a loop and once it has dried you might also top it off with another clear coat, just to make sure that the cotton string will stay in place.

Splattered Nails

This is a new and creative method to add color to your nails. You just need to use a slanted makeup brush and to splatter a color (or more) on your nails. Although the result will be a random one, the look will be really nice. There is also an alternative if you do not want to use your make-up brush or you do not have extra one to spare and the solution would be to use a straw instead. You can cut the straw in half, dip the bottom of the straw in nail polish and just blow it onto your nails. This technique is very efficient and will add a lot of style to your look.

These are some of the simplest life hacks that women use all over the world. You can also be inventive and may use any other method to improve the look of your nails.

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