Dreaming of Hot Stone Manicure? Here are 5 Easy Steps for Doing It

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Good grooming includes taking good care of your hands and nails. Pampering your hands with a manicure will not only leave your hands looking beautiful, but it will also repair, relieve as well as protect the skin around your hands. A hot stone manicure is regarded as an integrated manicure therapy. It utilizes heat treatment and, in some instances, aromatherapy and massage to relax your tired hands.

Why Get a Hot Stone Manicure?

A hot stone manicure a therapeutic manicure that utilizes heated rocks to promote relaxation within your hands. The day after day, your hands are continually exposed to the elements, accelerating the aging process. A hot stone therapy might be just what you require to supplement your manicure. Your fingers come out looking fierce and fabulous, and your hands feel less tired. A hot stone manicure will provide relief for your overworked hands.

Steps for doing the Hot Stone Manicure

Step #1 – Get all the materials you will require handy

You will require the following materials for the hot stone manicure: boiling water within which the stones will be heated, a normal massaging cream used for a typical manicure, as well as essential oils. Since this manicure type involves rubbing your hands using the heated stones, you will need somebody to assist you with the process.

Step #2 – Place the stones within the boiling water to heat them up

When boiling the water for heating the stones, ensure the water reaches a temperature of about 120 degrees Celsius. Also, the stones should be at a temperature of approximately 56 degrees Celsius when they are taken out of the heated water.

Step #3 – Immerse your hands in a container of warm water

As the stones are being heated, immerse your hands within a container of warm water. This will help loosen the muscles around your hands. Also, you should add essential oils in the water within which you immerse your hands, as this will give the water a pleasant smell as well as produce a relaxing effect.

Step #4 – Take the stones out of the boiling water

Once the stones are sufficiently heated, take them out of the boiling water. Next, the individual assisting you should use the stones to rub down your palms, fingers, and arms. This should be done slowly for approximately 15 minutes and ensure that all sides are treated. As the stones are used to massage your hands, the warmth from the stones will seep into your hands thereby relaxing your tired hand muscles.

Step #5 – Do your Regular manicure routine

Once the massage process has been completed, you should wash your hands using warm water. After that, apply your normal moisturizing cream to your hands. Lastly, you should perform your normal manicure routine such as cutting, filling and coating your nails with any color of your choice.

Note that it is best to get an experienced manicurist to help you perform this type of manicure. Nevertheless, if you wish to do this on your own at home, then ensure you follow the right process.



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