Do You Make These Common Manicure Mistakes?

Image: © joe4560 / Fotolia

When doing your manicure, whether you are doing it yourself or having it done by a technician, whoever it is that is in charge, someone always tends to make some very common mistakes, and yes it is always unknowingly and what you don’t know wouldn’t hurt you right? I think the answer here is WRONG. If it is worth doing, then you need to make sure you do it right.

The need to keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful at all times can’t be overlooked, well, why should it, when getting a good manicure costs a lot of money. So enough of the dilly-dallying, lets point out these manicuring mistakes and see if you make some of them sometimes or all the time…



  • Cutting Your Cuticle

You might see the need to cut your cuticle but it is not right and it is not healthy, because cutting them could cause injury to your finger and get it infected, you wouldn’t want infection to hit your fingers now, would you? If you feel like doing something about your cuticle, just get it softened and then push it back with a soft wooden stick.


  • Not Disinfecting Your Tools

Manicuring isn’t just any kind of fashion application, it is health related and you would do well to disinfect the tools that would be going in and out of your nails, because at the rare occasion of injury, you wouldn’t be worried about contacting something serious. If you have a technician or a favorite manicuring shop, make sure they disinfect their tools before using them on you.


  • Hot Bath After Manicure

After manicuring your nails, its best not to hit the shower immediately, especially if it’s a hot bath, as that smudge the polish and spoil the whole surface. So keep it in mind, no hot shower after your manicure.


  • How Do You File Your Nails?

Filing your nail isn’t just about picking up a nail file and running it across your finger, you must have to do it right. Filing should be done in one direction and one only. If you are to file upwards, then you should file it that way only because filing your nails in more than one direction would cause the nail to become rough and break.


  • Do You Forget Basecoat?

Base coat is the foundation your nails need before taking in all those thick and multi colored polish. Applying basecoat would help your polish stay longer and it would also help keep your nails from discoloring later in the future.


  • Do You Go To Bed After Polishing

You nails might look dry after 30 minutes or so of application, but it doesn’t really dry totally until after a full 24 hours so you have to watch it, don’t go to bed after a few hours of manicuring as the twist and turns in bed might roughen the surface of the nail polish and cause it to smudge.

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