Do You Have the Right Hairstyle?

Image: © fotosmile777 / Fotolia

If you’ve got it right, the chances are for you to feel great when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t get frustrated trying to keep it up and you haven’t had the same style for several years.

The best hairstyle for you is more dependent on what makes you feel good than what anybody else says. Having said that, it should also actually be a style, by which I mean that a hairdresser regularly looks after it. A professional cut does wonders for the way any hairstyle looks, even for the long hair. If you’re economizing, look for a hair dressing school or salon that does special offers. A great hairstyle is well worth the money you spend on it.

But how do you find the hairstyle that’s right for you? The factors that come into play are the shape of your face, the kind of hair you have, the time it takes you to maintain the hairstyle, and your age.

The shape of your face

Face shapes are basically categorized as round, heart-shaped, square, long and oval. If you don’t know what shape yours is, take a look in the mirror and draw a line around the edges of your features and under your hairline with a pen with washable ink. You could also do it electronically with a full-faced photo that you enlarge until the shape is obvious. Once you’ve done that, there are sites online that ask you some questions and make recommendations. You could also look out for people who have the same shaped face as you and see which hairstyles they wear that you like.

Your hair itself

Is your hair thick and heavy? Straight or wavy? Baby fine and soft? A mass of tight curls or afro-textured? The plain truth is that each kind of hair supports some styles better than others and some styles not at all.  Even if someone has the same shaped face as you, you still need to look closely in the hair type. The professionals at any good salon will recommend hairstyles that your hair can support.

Can you cope with it – and do you want to?

Consider if the hairstyle you’re thinking about needs a lot of maintenance in order to look good.  If you choose, a style that looks good when your hair’s been professionally straightened for example, ask yourself if you have the time and cash to keep it looking that way. If you can’t, what will it look like in between visits to the salon? Assuming you can do it yourself; do you have the time to spend on it? Short hair will mean more frequent visits to the hairdresser to keep it in shape, but long hair, especially if it’s thick, takes a lot longer to wash and dry every time.

Does the hairstyle emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses?

Even supermodels have features that they want to show off and others they want to hide. How well does your hairstyle do that for you? If you want to highlight your eyes, consider a fringe.  Short or swept up hair can emphasize a long neck and geometric or uneven shapes can balance a strong nose or draw attention to a dynamic personality. After a certain age, strengths and weakness can change, and your hairstyle should change, too.

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