DIY Selfie Hairstyle

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Your hairstyle is part of your personality. This explains the obsession that people have with how their hair looks. Due to the changing nature of the styles that people choose, there are those who want to preserve memories. The culture of selfies is fast gaining ground.


Why DIY Hairstyle

You will often find yourself in situations where you don’t have the luxury of a hair stylist. Besides, there are times you will travel far from your comfort zones. Think also of the moments when you are in a hurry and you have to work on your hair. Do It Yourself (DIY) hair depends so much on your preferences, personality, looks and materials at your disposal.


The unique case of selfies

The world and society are in flux. What was in vogue yesterday is no longer the fad today. Selfies are a form of personalized photography as opposed to past approaches. Selfies are usually taken using mobile phones. They are done at the spur of the moment.


The problem with selfies is that they are shared widely. Consequently, if your hairstyle is less-than-presentable when taking such photos, people in your social network will know. You may find yourself at the center of jokes and ridicule. To avoid such embarrassment, it is important to know how to come up with a DIY selfie style for your hair.


Seconds to prepare

Another significant issue about selfies is that they leave you with little or no time to prepare for the photo. You only have seconds to straighten up your hair before the photos are taken. How then do you ensure the final image does not misrepresent you? Remember also that a selfie is not necessarily taken in the morning when you have your hairstyle is in good condition.


Of ponytails, twists and Pins

Within the brief moment that you have before taking a selfie, one of the best approaches is to work on your hair in a manner that the bulk of it is behind you. This is where ponytails, twists and pins come in handy. For people with long hair, this means pulling the hair back and tying it in the form of a ponytail.  You can do this all by yourself and immediately pose for a selfie.


If your hair cannot be made into a ponytail quickly, you will need to have bobby pins to secure it. This implies that you can pull back your hair and fasten it using bobby pins that are fitted diagonally. This way, you will not have to worry about hanging hair. You must have seen women whose hair covers other people’s eyes when a selfie is being taken!


Fishtail braids

Another DIY selfie hairstyle that you can try out is the fishtail braids. This is a simple style that involves pushing hair to the back, dividing it into two and braiding the two sections meticulously. One you finish, use a hairband or clip to keep the braids together. Go now and take your selfie.


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