DIY Nail Art Tips For Everyday Women

Image: © white78 / Fotolia

We would be talking about easy ways you can fix yourself up with some beautiful nails designs that would get people asking who your nail technician is. They are simple and easy to do, especially if you have the right tools for them.

  1. The Nude Chevron

This particular one is very simple and elegant and is perfect for those who love nail art but won’t settle for loud and wild designs. To achieve the Nude Chevron design, some tools are needed, Cotton pads, polish remover, 2 nail polish preferably one dark and one light colors, Konad Scraper and Stamper, Bundle monster stamp set and Konad plate holder.


  • Apply base coat to your nails before proceeding with the lighter of the two colors you have chosen for your design and allow it to dry properly.
  • Choose a disc and peel off the nylon protecting the surface, there are multiple designs on each disc.
  • Place the disk on the plate holder.
  • Turn the disc around to face the design inwards, and then paint some heavy polish at the back of the design of your choice.
  • Lay the end of the stamper at the side of the design on the disk, applying firmness, roll the stamper across and over the design, this would pick up the design on the disc.
  • Place the stamper on your nails exactly the way you placed it on the disk when you were about to life the design. You would have to be a little firm too, this would leave the design you picked up from the disk on your nails.
  • The design is done and everything is set, so with Q-tip, dab into a polish remover and remover excesses that would have landed on your nails.
  • Paint finger again with a topcoat, after the design might have dried off.


  1. Dot Nail Art

Dotted nail is the simplest and cheapest way you can design your nails and it wouldn’t take time at all, you would be done before you know it. What you need is your base coat, topcoat and then multiple colors, depending on how many you want on your nails


  • Apply base coat on your nails
  • Apply one of the colors as a base color on your fingers
  • Then use the rest of the colors to make dots on your fingers, on top of the base color, top well to your taste, then allow it to dry.
  • When the dots must have dried up, apply topcoat to protect the polish and make it last longer.


  1. Newspaper nail design

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get the prints of daily newspapers on your fingers? I bet it would.


  • Apply base coat
  • Paint nails with a white base polish
  • Dip the dry nails in alcohol for some seconds
  • Place the newspaper print on the wet nails
  • Rub newspaper gently onto your nails
  • Remove the newspaper and apply topcoat.


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