Different kinds of packages you can get with a manicure

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If you’re new to getting manicures, you may think that all manicures are all the same – but they really aren’t! Each salon you go to will offer a different experience and each salon technician has some of their own techniques they will use when giving you a manicure. Not all manicures were created equal. When you go into a nail salon there will be options of different types of manicures that you can pick from for your salon experience. You’ll want to read over them carefully to make sure they’re what you want, and that they fit within your budget. Here are some common types of manicure treatments and packages you can look forward to the next time you head to a beauty salon.

  • Basic manicure treatment

At the bottom, there is the basic manicure treatment that you can get. This comes with removing of the dead skin with a scrub, as well as a short massage of your hands with moisturizer. These manicures begin with soaking your hands in warm water, before they are clipped and filed. From there, the massage of your hands will come next, and then the technician will be able to apply the base coat, polish of your choice, and top coat, before having you sit there to let it dry. Very simple and very easy.

  • Spa manicure treatment

Then there is the spa manicure package. This is a bit of an upgrade from a basic pedicure, but there is usually an additional spa treatment added to your manicure. This will vary depending on the nail salon you select, but often it will include either a paraffin wax treatment, or an exfoliation treatment of some kind. If you want to spend a little bit more to get some serious relaxation and moisturized and healthy hands, then selecting a spa manicure package is the way to go.

  • French manicure treatment

Do you want a very classy manicure look that will last for a long time? Then you might want to consider the French manicure package at the nail salon. French manicures are a classic choice for nails around the world, and they never look out of place. Like with the other types, the basic process with the hand massage and nail clipping is very similar. The biggest difference is when it comes time for the polish. With a French manicure, a technician will use a clear polish on the nail plate, and then a line of white across the edge of the top of the nail for a very sophisticated look.

These are just a few of the different types of manicure packages out there. Every nail salon has their own specialty, and different upgrades they will offer you to give you a unique and luxurious experience. You just need to decide what look you’re going for, how much you’re willing to spend, and what kind of services you would like. Then make your decision and have a great time being pampered during your next manicure.

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