Dear Mums! Here are few easy makeup tips for you

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It is one thing to be a mum and another to be a trendy mum. Trendy mums know the latest in the fashion world and will do all it takes to look the best. However, their desires are often constraint by limited finances. If you are one of those mums out there, here are a few easy makeup tips for you.


Easy steps to achieving a facial glow

The steps below will help you get the facial look of a goddess:

  • Wash your face with a mild soap without sponge to get rid of oils and dirt and also to make it moist.


  • Wipe your face with a clean towel. Choose a cotton towel because it is soft and will not irritate your skin.


  • Use an exfoliating cream to get rid of dead and flaky skin for a smoother look.


  • Apply the foundation. Your foundation should depend on your skin type. If you have oily skin, go for long lasting foundations because they have drying properties while you should use foundations with moisturizers if you have dry skin. A thin layer of powder can also make a good foundation for those with oily skin.


  • Bring out your primers. The thickness of your primers also depends on what message you intend to pass across.


  • Use toners to get an even complexion. The forehead, nose and cheeks are bound to have a lighter color. If the difference with other areas is pretty noticeable, you need to darken them a little with toners.


  • If you are a fan of blushes, then you can bring them at this stage as a finisher.


  • For the lips, clean them of any old lipsticks if you missed them during the process of washing the face.


  • Depending on the nature of your lips too, choose a lipstick that will complement them. If you have dry lips, go for moisturizing lipsticks and lip gloss. They will restore the moisture to the skin and prevent water loss from the lips. On the other hand, if your lips are too wet, go for matte lipsticks. They are both long lasting and also suck up moisture from the lips.


  • When applying the lipsticks, first apply the base coat and allow to dry before applying the top layer.


  • For a smooth appearance, apply the lipstick in strokes from up to down and not from side to side. The up and down motion will allow the lipstick to get into the cracks and make a smooth finish.


  • Do not make the layer of your application too thick or it will take longer to dry.


  • Shave your eyebrows to get rid of the shaggy outgrowths and give it a sexy appearance.
  • Pull your eyelashes to get rid of the weak strands and then apply your mascara in gentle long streaks.


  • You can now look into the mirror and compliment your perfect makeup with a dress that will match the color of your lip liner.

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