Day Look vs Light Look Makeup: Where Do Most Girls Go Wrong?

Image: © Alena Ozerova / Fotolia

A fantastic light look makeup is something which every woman can easily have by using simple ways of obtaining it.  A mistake young girls often make is to think that creating a light look is way too complicated.  This is just not true.  The suggestions below will show you how to put on suitable, light makeup that works well for any time of the year:

1. Moisturizer.  You start by using a moisturizer.  Sure it may be tempting to skip this stage of your morning makeup routine, but it’s really essential that you do it.   If you are putting your makeup on first thing in the morning, keep in mind that your face can be dry after sleeping.  Moisturizer will protect the skin all day long plus give it a refreshed and soft look.

2. Use a mirror with the right amount of light.  Locate yourself in a room where the lighting will not make your face appear too pale or too tan.  A mistake many girls make is that due to bad lighting, they put too much of a darker or lighter color on.  In the proper lighting, this can make your skin appear sickly pale or way too tan.  This is also why lighted makeup mirrors are quite popular.

3. Blush.  Just use the amount it takes to highlight your cheeks so they will appear naturally healthy and rosy.  This gives your appearance that fresh faced look that so many young girls cherish.

4. Apply brown or black eyeliner.  Use this only on the under part of your eye.  If you also put it on the top of the eye it will be too noticeable.  Many girls also go wrong here by applying way too much eyeliner on the top of their eyes.  Yes, this is a look some celebrities sport because it is dramatic, but there is a big difference between dramatic and attractive.

5. Eyeshadow.  Select a brown, gold, or an eyeshadow with a bit of a reddish-orange touch to it.  These colors are nicely muted without being too light.  Do not put the eyeshadow anywhere but on the lower area of your eyelids, else it will look too artificial.

6. Add lipstick.  Put down a thin layer of a natural or earthy lipstick.  Using too much gloss can make your lips stand out way too much, which is not at all attractive.
Use a darker color if your eyeshadow is light, and the opposite if your eyeshadow is darker.  It all really comes down to common sense.

7. Add mascara and eyeliner.  Brown is a pleasantly lighter color to use if you’d rather not go with black.  Simply put a thin layer of eyeliner right under your eyes, and you can also do the corners if you’d like.  Put on your mascara.  Now you’re ready to go out on the town with a simple yet tasteful look that people will notice because it’s attractive, not because your makeup makes you stand out like a sore thumb.

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