Colored Hair, Don’t Care

Image: © Vladimir Voronin / Fotolia

For the majority of people, taking the proverbial plunge into the act of coloring your hair in a different (sometimes, radical) shade is a very life-changing experience. For many, it is a very pleasant experience, but for some, it just isn’t.

While many people (especially the ladies) flaunt their new hair color by letting it down most of the time, here are some valuable tips that will help you show your new hairstyle.

The High Ponytail – Let me tell you why it works. First, the hair is gathered up where most of the light (either from the sun or indoors) is directed. Therefore, there will be an emphasis on your hair. Second, the hair is gathered up, and the attention will be directed to what lies under the ponytail.

Some variations of this look would be to curl the ends of your long colored hair using a curling iron and of course, using hair accessories that will draw the attention to it.

For the ladies with shorter hair, don’t worry! There are wonderfully designed hair bands on the market that will accentuate your new color.

The High Bun – This look is typically the hairstyle of those who are aiming for a more corporate or formal look. In this hairstyle, the hair is gathered and twisted into a bun, and is then embellished with formal looking hair accessories.

This look is actually the safest look, as it also gives you the advantage of not having to worry about re-fixing your hair in between meetings.

The Beachy Curls – This look is definitely for the fun, chic lady who simply wants to let her hair down on any day. This look (in my opinion) also emphasizes the dyed hair. The portions which are colored differently can be curled and pulled up to stand out.

Finish this look by putting a sparkly hair band or a flower crown to accentuate your colored locks.

The “clipped on” look – This particular hairstyle is best for the ladies who like shorter and colored hair.

The absence of longer locks will require the use of attractive hair clips and hair bands to put emphasis on your short colored locks. The use of glittery embellishments like crystal hair pins will make your hair stand out on any given day.

The Side Braid – What better way to emphasize your new lovely colored hair than to flaunt it in a very fun-looking and experimental side braid?

As this look is asymmetrical in nature, this hairstyle will definitely look best for ladies with longer hair. You begin by creating a French braid done as close to the scalp as possible, beginning on one side of the head, going asymmetrically (or, diagonally) in a downwards fashion until the desired length is achieved. You can finish this look by placing a nice hair elastic to keep it in place.

A variation of this look is the side braid and bun: instead of just letting the ends of the braid fall free, it is twisted and subsequently gathered into a bun behind one ear. It’s simply amazing.

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