Care for nails and manicure for teens

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Manicure is one way to offer great care for your nails. As a teen, your nails look definitely is of concern. Nails that are well taken care of are attractive and anyone would like to show them off. Taking on the task of giving proper nail care is important since they are constantly exposed to getting damaged. However, it is possible to take proper care of your nails at a budget.


Having daily nail care does not require much time. Instead, some few preventive and beautification measures are helpful. Here are some tips to help teens easily take care of their nails.
Once you get a manicure it is best to consider taking care precautions. Hands are used to clean, thus exposed to heat, cold and other cleaning chemicals. The nails ought to be protected from such. Covering the hands using gloves when conducting various domestic activities will protect. A pair of gloves to keep warm during cold seasons is also recommended.
Sun protection
Nails, just like the skin, will need protection from the sun. Don’t let your manicure be damaged from the sun. While having time under the sun, apply some sunscreen on your nails for better protection. This will protect the nails from drying too much and, crack.


Keep moisturized
Investing in a manicure is a great move which promotes maximum nail care. Thus, you need to ensure that you keep your nails moisturized at all times. After washing up, your hands and nails may dry up. Have a moisturizer nearby to have the nails kept at their best.


Regular massage of the nails and hands is equally important. Use a cream to massage starting from the fingertips to the base. Repeat this for every finger using the thumb, of the other hand. Massage extending to the wrist for better skin and nail care.


Home manicure tips
• Remove old vanish using an oily remover. Most of them are dry which damages nails
• Soak your hands in a bowl with warm water. In case of flaky skin, use almond oil and salt then rub hands gently
• Use a good cream that is easy to absorb and not greasy. Take your time to massage your nails
• Trim your nails if there is need
• Use the best cuticle remover, and push the cuticle backward gently
• Wash nails well using a manicure brush to remove oils that will interrupt vanish application
• Start by applying a base coat, even for people who don’t wear vanish as it protects the nails
• Apply two coats of vanish, and allow the first to dry for some time
• Finish by applying a dryer which will speed drying. This can be done from time to time, for longer manicure life


Better health is another great way to take care of the nails and your manicure in the long term. Proper diet helps in developing stronger nails. This will give your nails a better look, grow faster and stronger. Finally, ensure you get the best manicure products for your nails.

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