Buying a make up kit online? You should remember these top tips

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Make up is an essential part of many women’s morning routine. There are those that simply have a couple of make up items they need, but there are also those that see doing make up as a hobby, and really put effort into collecting different cosmetics products that they love. Regardless of which camp you’re in, having at least a few pieces of make up on hand really comes in handy – whether it’s for the club or the boardroom.
There are so many people that now rely on getting a bulk of their purchases online, and make up is no different. There are plenty of make up retailers out there that have started selling their products online, and some sellers that even started up their business solely online. For those that aren’t experienced in buying make up online, it can definitely be a challenge. What shades and products do you purchase? How can you purchase make up without seeing it in person first? By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to minimize stress and maximize the quality of the make up kit you buy online.


Invest some time into finding the right site. When you are looking for make up kits, before you commit to a purchase, do some research and find out the reputation and background on the site. Some prefer to buy directly online from vendors they know and trust, like Sephora and Mac, while others are willing to branch out to smaller online retailers and make up resellers. Reading reviews is one good way of being able to tell initially if a site is someone you’d like to buy from.


And if you do find a site for make up that you’re looking at, then see what their top selling items are. Usually top selling items are at the top for a reason, and by looking through those products you will be able to get a sense of what products they’re good at – and some areas that could be improved upon. Also – look for make up items on their site’s top sellers that are universal or basic shades that most people can pull off. This will save you the pain and heartbreak of getting really excited about a makeup product, only to find out that the shade is not flattering on you at all.


If you do hone in on some products for your make up kit that you think you’re going to like, then go on a different site that isn’t the one where you’re buying the product, and do a little more research. By going on to a review site or other sites that talk about make up, you’ll be able to get a better sense of the consensus on the product, and whether or not it’s going to be something you want to purchase. This is especially important if you want to buy a product that may be a little more on the expensive side.


Do you have a long time favorite product that you love and want to add to your make up kit, but you’ve run out of it or you can’t find it? Going online is actually the best way to get your hands on products from companies that may no longer be in business, or products that are discontinued. Sites like eBay are a treasure trove for a lot of these items, and if you look for make up favorites there, then you may end up finding what you’re looking for. One tip – make sure that when you’re searching on sites for the make up on eBay or similar sites, search for the term ‘mint in box’ to make sure you’re not getting used or damaged make up items.

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