Broken Makeup and How to Fix It

Image: © Africa Studi / Fotolia

If only I’d know these trick years ago. I’ve thrown out so many favorite makeup items I could have saved! These tips can save you from having to throw away makeup and buy new.

  1. Smashed powder blushers, shadows and makeup.

With a clean fingertip, mash the makeup in its container until it turns into powder. Add a few drops of surgical spirit (rubbing alcohol) and stir together with something tiny and sterilized. Keep adding a couple of drops of surgical spirit at a time until you have a creamy paste. You can’t add too much because it will eventually evaporate, it’ll just take longer if you add a lot. Once you have your creamy paste, smooth out the surface nicely and leave to dry.


  1. Lipstick woes.


If you absolutely had to save your best girlfriend’s life and lend her your lipstick, you’ve dropped yours on the floor, or you’ve got a cold sore, then this is for you. You can soak your lipstick in a small glass of surgical spirit and then wipe it with a clean tissue. Or use a small piece of fabric that will leave no fibers, soak it in the spirit and gently wipe it over the lipstick. If you’re suffering from a cold sore, wipe it after every use if you can or, at least, each night because it’s the one piece of makeup that can keep re-infecting you.

Lipstick is perhaps one of the most popular makeup items, perhaps because it makes such a difference when it’s right. So isn’t it maddening when your favorite one breaks? There are several tricks for fixing lipstick, but only one that is really reliable. Melt the broken bit in a dessert spoon held over a candle flame and pour it into a tiny, sterilized lip gloss-sized pot.

You can even use this method to alter the color of a lipstick that isn’t quite right by mixing it in a different shade.


  1. Mascara

This item of makeup is probably just as beloved by women of all ages as the lipstick and it’s really annoying when it dries out. It’s often our own fault because we ‘pump’ the brush in an effort to makeup our eyes faster. There are lots of ideas as to what you can add to mascara to make it useable again, but since you’re going to be putting this close to your eyes, only add a product that you’d put in them anyway. Saline solution and simple over-the-counter lubricating eye drops are an ideal choice. Contact solution might also work. Experts recommend replacing the mascara between every one and three months. So be safe and don’t revive your mascara if you’ve had it for longer.

If you drop your brush or have had an eye infection, sterilize it before using it again. Cover the opening of the mascara tube with cling film (food wrap) so no air goes in. Wash the brush with a solution of warm water and a few drops of liquid anti-bacterial face wash until it is completely clean. Rinse well. If you haven’t got antibacterial soap, use a liquid face soap or baby shampoo. When the brush is clean, shake it and then pop it into surgical spirit for a few minutes. Shake it well and stand it in a glass until dry.

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