Beware of These Bizarre Make Up Trends and How to Spot Them

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As if there weren’t enough bizarre make up trends out there we have now been gifted with the bee sting facial and the vampire facial.  Well, it was probably inevitable as there are so many countries and also cultures, more than ever before, which are eager to try whatever might help in the battle against aging.  This article is going to focus on facials from the bizarre to the ideal, and tell you exactly which kind will work for you and your make up:


Caviar Facial


We begin with the caviar facial, which is exactly as strange as it sounds.  Basically, you can now bring about a more youthful and unlined appearance by putting fish eggs on your face.


Rescued from being just an ordinary hors d’oeuvre for those with bottomless pockets, caviar is now becoming popular as a facial enhancer.  Well, it all sounds as if it makes sense on the surface.  Consider this.  Caviar is rich in nutrients, chock full of vitamins A, B and D, and hydrating too.  There is no logical reason why it wouldn’t give your face that healthy and radiant glow.  Right?  Wrong!


Dermatologists claim that this is just a bunch of baloney.  Human skin is simply not capable of absorbing the nutrients present in caviar.  So, regardless of how meticulously and how regularly you apply caviar to your skin, it probably won’t amount to much difference as far as giving you better and more youthful looking skin, or improving the results of your make up.


Bird Poop Facial


One of the most bizarre of the beauty trends, if not the winner of the prize, the “Bird Poop Facial” is laughingly referred to as the “Geisha Facial” because of the opaque, white appearance it gives when placed on the skin.  This treatment uses nightingale droppings; you see the Japanese nightingale is best for this facial because it has a higher concentration of urea, which is found in urine, and guanine, an amino acid, which why this bird’s droppings are the ones specified for use.  First the droppings are sterilized and dehydrated into a powder, then the powder is mixed with water to create a paste which is then placed on the skin.  The end result, skin that is perfect; clean, hydrated and soft.


While this treatment may work to a certain degree, it actually doesn’t do one thing to give you a more youthful appearance, nor does it aid in highlighting your make up any better.  Considering the exorbitant cost of this facial, it would seem best to go with a hydrating mask which will produce the same results, probably even better.


24-Karat Gold Facial


This facial treatment seems more like something from a fairytale than a real life treatment that will actually produce any appreciable results.  Placing gold or any other type of precious metal upon the skin with the intent of deterring the signs of aging and improving the appearance when highlighted with make up, seems more than a bit unbelievable.  The clever little money-grabbers who came up with this treatment insist that placing 24-karat gold on the skin aids cellular generation, minimizes the loss of collagen and elastin, and firms the skin.  Those who swear by this treatment state that it will lighten the skin while giving it a lovely glow.


This is another outrageously expensive treatment which is not even close to what it’s cracked up to be.  With only minimal benefits at best, a light, blended chemical peel would do the same job for much less and take less time too.

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