Benefits Of Gel Manicure Above Other Manicure Type

Image: © Lsantilli / Fotolia

Gel manicure always stands out when you see it, with its many beautiful features which make it such a hot topic in the beauty industry. The procedures involved a lot different given that every stage of polish application is followed by ‘curing’ the nails in a UV or LED light which serves to dry up the gel polish, a lot quicker than your conventional polish. There has been considerable rise in those that prefer this kind of manicure lately and a great percent of the reasons are attributed to the fact that it dries very quickly and you wouldn’t have to be waiting around like you would normally do when it’s the normal kind of manicure.

When compared to the other manicures, the gel manicure has its benefits and advantages and they are what we will be looking into.

  • Quick dryness:

This seems to be the sole reason why this manicure style has so many fans, everybody seems to love the quick things and it feels a lot better when it is quick and safe. Quick dryness is associated with the gel manicure alone, which is achieved through a process called curing, and is done with the help of UV/LED lamp. The gel manicure offers you the chance to polish your nails and start making use of your fingers for chores right away; you no longer have to wait around for the polish to dry before putting your hands to use.


  • Long lasting:

The gel manicure has been known to last longer than the normally manicured nails which could be down to how mechanized and efficient the procedures involved are. Each step of the polish application is followed by ‘curing’ which involves putting your hands into a UV/LED lamp for drying it up. Right from base coat application to the last which is a top coat, the nails gets cured every single time that any kind of polish is applied on them; this makes the gel polish last so long.


  • No harmful chemical:

It must have been totally important in the use of certain chemical agents in the polish of the acrylic type of nails which allows them to dry on their own after some time. There are no such chemicals in the gel polish which makes it becomes imperative you use either the UV lamp or LED light to dry it up. This goes to say that the gel polish is a lot safer and harmless when compared to the other kinds of manicure polish.


  • No chipping and smudging:

One of the beauties of gel manicure is even after weeks of applying it, it still comes off as new every single time you set eyes on it. It doesn’t chip nor does it smudge since you cure each polish application which no longer gives room for any kind of smudging and even when gel polish is getting old, it doesn’t chip away like the normal polish does, it peels off nicely without looking ugly and nasty.

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