Are you suffering from nail art fatigue? Beat it with these simple tips

Image: © tamara83 / Fotolia

Most of the girls that are doing nail art on them or on their friends are sometimes running out of ideas of what they can do and be new and provocative. Most likely, if you are doing nail art you have already added glitter and dots to your nails, but these techniques might not be enough and you want a challenge in order to see that you are still good at nail art.

There are some tips and tricks that can be used to help you create better designs or to improve the techniques and methods that you already use.

French Mani Improvement

This might be considered as one of the best improvements of the French Mani as this is a hard technique and sometimes mistakes just happen. The nail art hack that we suggest in order for your nail designs to look perfect would be to get a glitter pen and to draw a line where the white meets the pink. This is a quick fix and can work anytime. You can get the glitter pen from any kind of craft shop. This way you can hid your mistakes, without having to start the design all over again.

Cheat by drawing

A nice idea that you can use to get a perfect nail art would be to use a sharpie. Thus, you would draw your designs, rather than paint them and this represents an advantage at least for the ones that do not have a steady hand. This idea has the potential to work, only if you finish the nail art by adding a good top coat. This way the picture or pattern will stay put. You could try this technique next time when you would like to do a different design which is different and more complicated.

Easy Polka Dots

Polka Dots usually represent complicated designs and it is frustrating when the outcome is not the expected one. A good trick would be to use the ball end of the bobby pin, by dipping it in the nail polish and to use that as a dotting tool. As in the case of other designs, make sure that you seal it off with a top coat for your work to last longer.

Combine matte and gloss colors in your nail art

This is not a complicated nail art technique and you have most probably used it. You might want to combine different shades of the same color by combining the matte and gloss nail polishes. You may start with a matte black nail polish and then add some gloss black nail polish in some areas. You can also use scotch to create some designs and patterns. This is a simple idea and can be used by anybody who has a little bit of imagination and creativity.

These were some of techniques and methods that we believe you have not used till now, but will surely be using in the near-by future. Just remember that there is no such thing as nail art fatigue, if you are opened to embrace new designs and to be more creative and opened to new methods.

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