Are You Suffering From Dry Skin- Try These Makeup Tips

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Have you seen someone with extremely dry skin? Noticed how chaffed or flaky their face looks? This and many more are the challenges of those battling with dry skin. If the skin is allowed to get too dry, there is a possibility that they may begin to break open on the slightest impact which is often excruciatingly painful.


However, the proper use of makeup can help to combat the situation. When working with dry skin, you have to be extremely gentle because it is prone to friction tear. The following tips will guide you to getting a smooth and nourished skin.


1) Avoid powders

Powders are produced to suck up oils from the skin therefore using powders will double your dryness and make you look like a blood drained zombie. If you have any powders, dash them out an in their place, get moisturizers.


If you have dry skin but during the day you notice a little glimmer on your forehead and nose, it is best to just dab them with a handkerchief. Resist the temptation to use a powder in those situations.


2) Moisturizing creams with hyaluronic acids

There are very good moisturizing creams and liquids in the market and most of them don’t cost much. Moisturizers add liquid to the skin and prevent the loss of moisture. Moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acids are better because they help the skin to retain moisture.


Instead of using lotions, use creams because they provide a thicker coat over the skin. When applying them, apply both on the face and neck.


3) Go for creams that are rich in oil

Be on the lookout for creams that are rich in oils because they help to nourish the skin. Also, the oils will cover up the pores, preventing further loss of moisture. Make the application of the oil rich creams or lotions in a circular manner so that it will provide a thick and even coverage.


4) Matte or lip gloss?

If you have dry lips, the best bet is for you to completely avoid matte lipsticks or other long lasting lipsticks because the component which makes them last long also causes drying. For dry lips, use only lip gloss which will both coat your lips to give them a shiny touch and also prevent further loss of fluids thereby saving your lips from breaking up.


5) Get rid of the flakes

Flakes and dead skin cannot hold moisture. If they are present too, they will come in the way of the skin from absorbing moisture. It is best to get rid of them entirely. This should be done a few times every month. When you have done this before applying your makeup, you will notice the remarkable difference.


6) Watch your diet

Drink plenty of water to make up for the loss and also nourish your skin. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. These ingredients or beverages cause the body to lose moisture. While the former causes excess urination, the latter causes brain hyperactivity.

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