Annoyed with your Manicure problems? Here are some handy quick fixes

Image: © vladimirfloyd / Fotolia

Having well groomed hands and a good manicure are the absolute must for a professional woman. And despite investing in maintaining your hands, you may run in to manicure problems from time to time that can be really frustrating and prevent you from wanting to keep maintaining them. Here are some common manicure problems that women run into, and the quick and easy things you can do to avoid them or fix them right away.


Are you having issues with yellow-tinged nails currently, but you want a sheer colored polish? This can be a real hassle, as you don’t want to show yellow nails underneath your manicure! How can you handle this? By selecting a polish that is sheer, but has the light purple lavender undertones within the color allow you to layer the color and cover up that tinge, while still being a sheer shade.


With it still being summer, chances are if you have a fresh manicure and you’ve just come from the beach, you’re going to notice it’s lost it’s shine and now the color is totally matte. Most likely residue from sunscreen and sand are embedded in the nail polish. In order to remove that and restore your manicure’s beautiful shine, just wipe an alcohol soaked cloth across your nails and apply a new top coat and it will look brand new.


And the dreaded chipped nail is also one of the biggest manicure woes. All of your other nails look perfect – except for that one spot – and it’s driving you crazy! In order to fix this problem, what you’ll need to do is take the nail and buff polish around the chip and then place a dab of your nail polish on the chipped section and let it dry. Once the spot is dry, you’ll be able to add another layer of polish on the entire nail so not only is the chip handled, but it’s also even and looks like there was never a chip at all.


Do you like nail art and stickers? Why there are usually really pretty and creative add-ons to a semi-bland manicure, over time the stickers can begin to peel and look bad. In order to save your stickers and keep them adhered for a bit longer, you need to take a hair dryer and blow your nails – heating the sticker up so it’s pliable – and then use your fingers to smooth the stickers down, so that they’re back in place. Once you’ve done this, you can lock them down by applying another gel coat.


So don’t give up on manicures just because you run into some snags. Having a good manicure makes a fashion statement and says a lot about who you are, and with some of these tips you’ll be able to keep your manicure looking like new for a long time to come!

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