Acne problem – Here are some rarely available makeup tips

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Those that have acne will tell you that they are not comfortable making a public appearance. Acne are those spot like blackheads that can be found on the face, back and chest. Acne is more common among those with fair skin. If you are one of them, no need to worry because all hope is not lost.


Acne can be treated but while the treatment lasts, makeup can be the best alternative to conceal the blackheads which will help you to have a normal social life like everyone else. The difference between an acne makeup and that for spotless skin is that every part of the makeup procedure counts and should be treated with utmost care. Makeup that clogs the pores of the skin are more likely to cause acne or irritate it further. The following tips bellow will help you to have a blemish makeup that will blind onlookers from ever noticing you had acne.


Makeup tips for acne


1) Foundation

Choose a mineral powder foundation because it has a limited chance of clogging the pores. Though it provides a small coverage, it is still the preferred option for acne skin.

As much as possible, try to avoid the oil rich foundation even if you have very dry skin. If you are a fan of the liquid foundation, try out one with salicylic acid because it covers up (to a fair extent) the blemishes while also treating the acne. Matte foundations are awesome for covering blemishes though they are dryer.

2) Concealer

Concealers are meant to hide the blackheads but finding the right concealer at an affordable price can be a daunting task. You will need a concealer that would hide your hyperpigmentation without leaving your skin like cake when it has dried.

Others may have a poor color combination. However, if you invest your money wisely, there are concealers that are pretty good but also pretty expensive. If you really need to cover up those spots, they are worth a try.

3) Blush

The acne that brings the most bother is the one on the face. That on the chest and back can be covered up. In the absence of concealers, the blush can be a pretty good substitute. Blushers can be exploited to cover up blemishes (you just have to make them thick). Also, you need to choose darker colors for your blushes.

4) Scrubs and Masks

Both will do little to improve your acne. The former will only leave your skin irritated and red while the latter will make you a scare crow. Instead of the above, use a non-abrasive, oil free cleanser.

5) Powder

The sprinkling of powder on your makeup can make it stay longer. However, if you have acne and at the same time you are a candidate for oil skin, using orange or brown powder which is evenly applied will both conceal the acne to a large extent and help mop up the oil from your pores.

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