About to click your Selfie? Here are my 3-minute Makeup tips

Image: © Konstantin Yuganov / Fotolia

When you’re about to take a selfie, you want to make sure you look your best. Even though you always want to look your best, honestly, there are just some days where you’re short on time. If you still want to be photo ready, there are some things you can do to perfect your quick but efficient makeup routine. Here are some tips we recommend.


While you may only be thinking about the makeup application itself, when you’re going for a quick routine, there is no substitute for good skin prep before the makeup goes on. You always need to start with a face that is moisturized and clean. One step to get this done quickly is a primer. Primer is mean to smooth over your skin and create a more even skin tone to work with. A lot of people don’t really understand the value of primer, but when you’re short on time, it makes everything go on smoothly, which will actually save you a lot of time.


Another thing to consider for a quick makeup routine is concealer and foundation. They’re really essential for balancing out your skin, but when time is of the essence, you shouldn’t apply it to your entire face – just in the areas where you really need it – like blemishes, uneven skin tone areas and dark circles under your eyes. The trick is to use a makeup sponge or your fingers to really blend in your makeup properly. You can also use a concealer brush for spot treatment in certain areas.


The next part of your makeup routine should be your eyes. You’ll want to take an eye pencil to the outer corner of your eye, making an up-ticking motion, which will create a great look that really wakes up your face. If you have a few extra second to spare in your routine, you should opt for a shimmer white eyeshadow, because this has the ability to really brighten up your entire eye area and make you look great. Also, quickly take an eyeliner pencil and run liner along the bottom of your lash line, then go back and smudge it for a sexy effect. This really makes you selfie ready, as far as eye makeup goes.


Don’t forget the eyelash curler. This tool is really overlooked, but when you don’t have time for an extensive application of mascara, or you really want your lashes to stand out, this is a great option. A quick squeeze of the eyelash curler along the lashes open up your eyes, and it only takes five seconds or so to really make a big difference with your lashes. Once that’s done, you can move to mascara, if you have time. You should opt for a color or dark black mascara, depending on your skin tone. All it takes is some quick strokes on your inner lashes, and some additional effort with the outer lashes, to have a ‘va va voom’ eye look.

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