9 Tips For A Perfect Gel Manicure For Your First Date

Image: © Robert Przybysz / Fotolia

A gel manicure is different from the conventional manicure in a lot of ways, from the look, feel and texture to the method of application. Although some people claimed that it has a negative health effect on the nails but those who are fans don’t seem to think so, and the number of people settling for it is growing by the day. This could be down to the fact that it dries a lot quicker than the normal manicure and this is a huge advantage for those who happen to have emergency events to attend and can’t wait around for the normal manicure to dry.

The basic methods of cleaning your nails and prepping them before the main thing is still applicable here with the gel manicure, but we all know that those are the quickest parts of manicure, the real wait comes with getting it to dry. For your first date, gel manicure might be there to bail you out, especially if the date wasn’t planned.

Below are the tips for a perfect Gel manicure that would leave your nails glowing and set for your date.

  1. Removing old polish is the way to start going about the Gel manicure application, and it is a must if you aim to get the best from the whole process.


  1. Clean the nails and buff them if you like, to prep them for what is to come.


  1. Using Gelish Nail Cleanser, clean the nails properly or you could use alcohol or methylated spirit just to make sure the nail surface is totally void of any kind of oil.



  1. With Gelish foundation, coat each and every one of your nail to protect them from the effects of using polish directly on the nails.


  1. When it is done, then you would have to cure the Gel Foundation with a LED light or your UV lamp (it might not have been mentioned earlier but one of LED light or UV lamp is needed to dry the nails at every stop in a sort of milestone). The use of those two types of equipments to dry the nails of gel and polish is called curing.



  1. Pick out the Gelish color polish of your choosing and start applying, apply properly on all the nails and once again, cure with the LED light or UV lamp.


  1. Apply the second coat on your nails, could be reapplying the same color as the first in a bid to make it look heavier and full and also cure with the UV or LED lights



  1. When this is done, then you are almost done but not before you apply the Gelish Top It Off, which is the top coat that protects the polish so it would look newer everyday and last long.


  1. For the last time, cure the nails of the last polish which is the top coat with either the UV or LED light, whichever is at your disposal. Now your nails are looking super, that date simply can’t wait.

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