8 Tips for Natural Organic Make Up

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Natural organic make up is in vogue. There are many artificial hair and beauty products in the market today. However, you are safer with natural products. In addition, it costs less to prepare your own beauty products at home.


Here are eight important tips to ensure you get the best out of the natural approach to beauty:

  1. It begins with a healthy diet

Human beings have the tendency to concentrate on the external at the expense of the internal. The typical case of make up is sufficient to illustrate this. We spend a lot of money beautifying bodies that are not healthy. Why not eat a balanced diet, large amounts of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water instead?

  1. Read the labels of ‘organic’ products keenly

There are crafty business people out there. They know you want natural organic beauty products. They make imitations that actually contain a lot of chemicals. Woe unto you if you buy such products blindly. Ensure the product you buy has 95% organic content. Read the label with a keen eye.

  1. What are people saying about ‘organic’ make up products?

If you are in doubt about a supposed organic beauty product, seek for more information. Use the internet to search what other users are saying. Search engines have most of the information you need. Social media platforms can come in handy. How about your close friends?

  1. Make use of the staples in your house

If you decide to Do It Yourself (DIY) look around your house for solutions. Those avocados you have in the house could make a good face mask. There are many more items in your kitchen that can make effective beauty products. Apart from being safe for your skin and body, they are cheap, if not free.

  1. Always have extra virgin coconut oil with you

You will never go wrong with extra virgin oil as one of the main make up items at your disposal. No other natural beauty product has more uses than this oil. It is a moisturizer for the skin. It nourishes your hair. It is a foundation primer. You can also use it to remove makeup.

  1. Always moisturize using natural oils

Don’t complicate your life when you want to moisturize your skin. Go for natural oils. They will keep your skin and body hydrated and healthy. They are also easily available. They include olive, jojoba and almond oils.

  1. Use almond oil to remove make up

You have been using conventional methods to get rid of your beauty mask but you need to try the natural approach. Olive, especially the cold-pressed variety, is the best product for this job. Simply add the oil to a cotton pad and some warm water and scrub the face gently.

  1. Shave with olive oil

Shaving your legs is part of your occasional make up routine and olive oil can help you a lot. This natural product will moisturize your legs leaving them fresh and healthy.

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