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The irony remains that you may be putting on those make up to please your partner but unknown to you, you are getting it wrong or sending the wrong message. Many marriages have hit the rock because of this reason leaving the heartbroken wondering where they got it wrong. Some of the makeup disasters that can ruin your love life have been listed below.


1) Littering your manicure kit

Some men may not be bold to tell you to your face how disgusting it is for you to use a manicure and forget to neatly pack them afterwards. This sends the message that you may not be able to keep a home tidy (men by nature are workaholics and often in need of home managers). If you are in this category, you should change already. Spare the extra minutes to get your work board tidied up.


2) Sleeping with heavy a makeup

Yes, some women like to make up before going to bed but do well to keep it light. It is annoying when you smear the pillow and bedsheets with makeup. Not every man likes being greeted with stained sheets in the morning. Moreover, who are you making up for? Ghosts?


3) Not using a base coat

This has an indirect effect on your love life. Not using a base coat or using a top coat for a base coat will mean that your manicure will chip after a few days. If you happen not to be getting your own finance, it means you will increase your demand for money. Over demanding women easily becomes a burden to their spouse and they will try to get rid of them.


4) Wrong blusher

Using the wrong blusher leaves you looking weird. You may not know this but gradually, your lover may stop going out with you because he feels embarrassed showing you off in public. It is important to know when to switch from cream to powder blusher


5) Smacking matte on dry lips

Matte lipsticks are developed to last longer and for this to happen, they need to stay dry. Matte lipstick has a drying tendency and if you already have dry lips, your lips will look rough with lines running through. This can be a turn off to your spouse.


6) Becoming too skimpy with your dresses

If your dress keeps getting you attention each time you go out with your lover so that your lover begins to look like your bodyguard, then you may be digging a hole in your love life.


7) Leaving your hair for too long

Some women become too attached to a particular hairstyle that they refuse to take them off. What follows is infestation by dandruff which can be an awful sight.


8) Doing your manicure on the dining table

Dining is for eating and not for a fancy manicure. Not only will you be spreading diseases, the smell of nail polish is very strong which not everybody likes.

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